GOT7 Unveils Dreamy Teaser Images For “Breath of Love : Last Piece”

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GOT7 adds to the anticipations with the reveal of these alluring teaser images!

GOT7 unveiled aesthetic teaser images signaling the arrival of their soon to be released comeback album.  Titled, Breath of Love : Last Piece, the album will be dropping later this month. While the excitement for the album is already running high, these teaser images certainly amplified curiosities for the same. 


In the first teaser image, the group spellbinds with their exquisite autumnal styles. The snap has a lingering sense of nostalgia especially due to the doleful demeanor of the members. The image captures GOT7 standing motionless while the people around them are constantly on the move. This gives the image the theme of being frozen in time. 

Speaking of which, the next teaser image stuns with its icy appeal. The members look like the epitome of the term ‘magnetic’ as they pose amidst a misty setting. What’s more? The image serves more of an edgy look which is in sharp contrast to their previous click’s elegant sensibilities. GOT7 embraces that ultimate homme fatale style and with absolute panache at that. 


The reveal of the two teasers only fuels curiosities for the overall musical style of the upcoming release. Moreover, Breath of Love: Last Piece also marks the first full-length album that GOT7 will release approximately two years since Present: YOU in September 2018.

Raising the excitements for the upcoming album, the group will be sharing a variety of teaser contents sequentially. The teasers will seemingly give a glimpse into the vibe of the album and its pre-released track.

Prior to the album’s official release, on November 23 at 6 PM KST, fans will be greeted with a sweet new single by the group. The song titled, “Breath” will be pre-releasing as part of the comeback promotions.


Since the title of the song “Breath” relates to the name of the album itself, it certainly rouses interests about the link between the two. Meanwhile, GOT7 will be releasing their comeback album Breath of Love : Last Piece, on multiple music sources on Monday, November 30, 6 PM KST.

Images Credits To: JYP Entertainment