GOT7’s Youngjae Captures Hearts With A Soulful Cover Of “To My Youth”

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Ahgases, get your box of tissues ready for this soul stirring cover!

GOT7’s Youngjae recently appeared on Dingo’s Secret Cover segment with a heart rending cover of BOL4’s track “나의 사춘기에게 (literal translation: To My Youth)”.

The singer looked almost ethereal, sitting in a serene studio setting and exuding a mesmerizing charm before he began his cover.

Youngjae truly takes one’s breath away with his high octane melodic vocals on this heartfelt number.

“During those beautifully beautiful days, I was in pain/ I hated myself for not being able to receive love/ My mom and my dad, they’re only looking at me/ It’s not how I really feel but I keep getting farther away,” these lyrics amidst a soft piano melody really brought out the track’s poignancy in an unfeigned way, and through Youngjae‘s sweet voice.

The lyrics of “나의 사춘기에게” serves as a voice to any young person struggling through life. There is no doubt that the track is one which will really hit listeners in those feels.


Perhaps that was exactly how Youngjae felt towards the end of his cover. He got emotional as he sang, “But still, maybe I can a A bright light in this world/ Maybe after all of that pain/ I can shortly shine a light/ So I couldn’t give up/ I couldn’t fall asleep peacefully for a single night/Because maybe if I keep trying to get up like this/ I will find myself.”

The multi-talented vocalist broke down in tears. It was a moment which surely made fans around the world shed a tear or two with him.

While the track itself is one that will capture the listeners’ hearts, Youngjae’s cover of the same adds an innocent sincerity which is reflected in his mellifluous voice. 

Source: dingo

Images Credit To: JYP Entertainment

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