GroovyRoom And Hoody To Unveil A Collaboration Track Titled “follow the light”

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Hip-hop producing duo GroovyRoom will collaborate with popular soloist Hoody to release the track “follow the light”!

Hip-hop producers GroovyRoom team up with soloist Hoody for a collaboration project named “follow the light”. The song is part of GroovyRoom’s ongoing Find Your Light collaboration series, which includes six songs with six different artists.

“Find your light” expresses the meaning of self-identity and that “you can shine with just one thing that does not change, even if everything passes by”.


Anticipation for the collaboration is high. Hoody, the popular R&B soloist under hip-hop agency AOMG, will showcase her unique voice. Containing cool but whimsical qualities, her voice will allure listeners into the optimistic melody of the song. Moreover, her comforting sound will express its hopeful message to listeners.

Furthermore, the high skills of the production duo GroovyRoom will also shine during the song. GroovyRoom impressed with their production work during Mnet’s Show Me The Money 9. The pair gained traction with songs such as “VVS” which topped music charts, as well as popular hits like “The Roots”, “GODOK” and “The Beauty Of Voice”.

“Follow the light” featuring Hoody marks the fifth installment of their Find Your Light collaboration series. As Find Your Light continues, GroovyRoom continues to amass great attention and admiration. Many anticipate the steady progress of activities throughout 2021.

“Follow the light” will release on various online music streaming sites on January 1 at 6 PM KST.

Meanwhile, the artists will also release live video clips related to the song through official SNS platforms on the day of release.

Source: Star News

Image Source: H1ghr Music

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