Ha Sung Woon Reveals Heavenly Official Fan Club Name And Colors

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Ha Sung Woon says that he and his fans will always be together through his official fan club name!

Ha Sung Woon has revealed the official name and colors of his fan club on February 8!

Photo from The Star Magazine

The HOTSHOT and former Wanna One member has officially declared his fan club’s name as “Haneul”. The name takes on two meanings, with the first being the Korean word’s literal English translation “sky”.

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This meaning relates to the vocalist’s fan-given nickname “Gureumi”, which means “clouds”. When combined, these signify that together, Sung Woon and his fans are the clouds and skies.

Photo from Ha Sung Woon’s Official Twitter Account

The idol also took his family name “Ha” and combined it with the word “neul”, which means “always” in Korean for the name’s second meaning. With this, he expresses how he and his fans will always be together.

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In addition to his official fan club’s name, he also revealed the official colors that he will be taking on for future promotions. Its palette also touches on a serene and heavenly feel, with three official colors named cosmic sky, forever blue, and cloud cream.

Photo from Ha Sung Woon’s Official Twitter Account

Sung Woon is set to make his solo artist debut this February with an album, whose details are still yet to be revealed. He had previously pre-released one of its tracks, titled “Don’t Forget” featuring former Wanna One groupmate Park Ji Hoon.

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