Ha Sung Woon Releases Tranquil Digital Single “Riding” Featuring Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko

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Ha Sung Woon puts fans in vocal heaven once again as he drops yet another soothingly beautiful song!

Ha Sung Woon breathes life into “Riding”, another serene single perfect for fans in need of relaxation!

Photo from Star Crew Entertainment

Marking yet another ear candy from the singer, “Riding” marks the former Wanna One and current HOTSHOT member’s second digital single upon its release on June 5 at 6 PM KST. Through 1theK, Sung Woon shared a special “vocals only live” recorded version of the song, further making fans concentrate on its beautiful, breathtaking audio without any other distractions.

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The song’s chill, serene vibes indeed make it perfect as background music for long drives. Living up to his nickname “Cloud”, Sung Woon showcases his soft vocals and puts it on the center stage for the song, which gives off a very fluffy and light vibe with its relaxed yet catchy rhythm.

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko participated in the track as a featured rapper as well, providing a change in the song’s mood and adding another layer to the song’s showcase of Sung Woon’s exciting vocals.

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Additionally, Sung Woon personally participated in writing, composing, and checking the entire production process of the song, slowly building the addition of the “producer” title to his name as well.

Listen to Ha Sung Woon’s new digital single “Riding” below: