Ha Sung Woon Sails With Mesmerizing Melodies In “Twilight Zone” Album Preview

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Ha Sung Woon showed off his various charms as a singer through a preview of all the tracks he prepared for his third mini-album!

Ha Sung Woon began the month with a splendid showcase of his vocals in the track snippets for his third mini-album Twilight Zone.

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Fueling more excitement for his comeback this June 8, the video starred the singer himself, who is full of dreamy and free-spirited charms, along with the music highlights of the six new tracks in his third mini-album.

The first song on Twilight Zone is the sub-title track, “Lazy Lovers.” With a funky rhythm and retro synth, Ha Sung Woon’s sweet voice, which seemed like a captivating whisper to listeners’ ears, gave him a sense of happiness comparable to the ones felt by those who are in love.

Meanwhile, leading the album is the second track “Get Ready”, which has a base of hip-hop drums and features powerful and intense beats from instruments like saxophone and brass. With its exciting tune, expectations are high on what kind of performance Ha Sung Woon will show for this song.

Completing the album are the dance pop track “Puzzle” which has an impressive dynamic composition transition, the ballad “Lie” which has a faint sensibility, the cute love song “Curious”, and the retro R&B track “Twinkle Twinkle”.

Moreover, the fifth track “Curious”, in which the singer personally participated in writing and composing, is a song that contains his own emotions and senses. Highlighted as a song that fans should never miss, “Curious” will have a combination of unique and cute lyrics and popping rhythms.

Overall, all six tracks encompass Ha Sung Woon’s various charms as an artist—which is why fans must look forward to the full mini-album.

Source: Herald Pop

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