Ha Sung Woon Displays Dreamy Yet Daring Vibes In “Twilight Zone” Teaser Photos

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Fiery is the vibe that Ha Sung Woon seems to be aiming to show for his return.

As he gears up for his long-awaited comeback, Ha Sung Woon has released his two sets of teaser photos which are both filled with his dreamy yet daring charms.

ha sung woon

The singer further sparked excitement for his return with the new mini-album Twilight Zone this June 8 through his two sets of tantalizing teasers where his visuals take the center spotlight.

In the latest set revealed on May 26, Ha Sung Woon charged through with a daring vibe expressed by the dazed and dramatic thoughtful pose of the idol amid a feast of dizzying colors. His illuminated features in the dark atmosphere is also noted by many to be reminiscent of the movie Twilight.

Meanwhile, his other photo from the set seems to have him turned against himself in the mirror. The snapshot gave a dreamy yet charismatic atmosphere, as if showing the two sides of himself.

ha sung woon

On May 25, the idol also revealed his first photo set. Showing off his new and vibrantly coloured hair, Ha Sung Woon gave off a strong charisma with his head slightly tilted back. Fully highlighted in a blue light, the singer raised expectations for his transformation.

ha sung woon

Meanwhile, the other snapshot from the photo set previewed the singer facing himself in the mirror with an unreadable expression in his eyes. Known for his signature bright and sweet image, the new appearance that Ha Sung Woon is showing for his return is raising wonder from many fans.

ha sung woon

Source: Sports Donga (1, 2)

Photos from Star Crew Entertainment

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