#HappyJinDay: 12 Moments From Shining And Precious BTS’ Jin

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There are a lot of ways to describe BTS’ Jin – some of them include shining, precious… and lejindary.

There is way more to BTS’ Jin than what meets the eye. His humor and lightheartedness set the mood every time – and it’s hard not to crack a smile or burst out laughing with him around. It’s easy to forget that he’s the eldest in the group thanks to his looks and personality — but today (4 December 2018), Jin has turned a year older without dulling his sparkle.

Here are twelve moments which will make you fall even more in love with our shining and precious Jin:


Photo from Naver x Dispatch

1. This might be the Kim Seokjin that the world knows…

The BTS member who has the broadest shoulders of them all and stunning god-like visuals – that’s how most of the world sees Jin. He has gone viral several times due to his looks — remember when he merely stepped out of the car and suddenly had everyone gawking at how majestic he looked? What about that time he stole the show when BTS first attended the Billboard Music Awards? He owns the title “Worldwide Handsome” bestowed to him – and he knows it, too. He could even be the next Disney prince: we mean, just look at these photos!

2. …But in reality, this is the Seokjin that most ARMYs know.

Despite being the eldest in the group, Jin is actually one of the most energetic and mischievious out of the seven members. The fandom has branded him as chaotic – and honestly, it would be hard to deny and refute that fact.

3. He does a lot of things which make us scream.

… And most of the time, our screams go along the lines of “What are you doing?” and “Ohmygod, seriously”! This man had made us facepalm several times, especially when he insists on doing things his own way. He had acknowledged this and even admitted some of his mischievous deeds and tricks to get what he wants. Like, cutting a pair of jeans because they were too long and insisting on dyeing his hair back to black because he got sick of his blond hair. In fact, this point is always supported by this Exhibit A: him cutting his own bangs because his stylists refused to.

4. His humor… consists of dad jokes.

It’s not a secret that Jin loves dad jokes – in fact, their V Live show Run BTS and specials like Bon Voyage don’t feel complete without him cracking one of those every now and then anymore. The BTS members might have shown judgment (and even embarrassment) whenever he cracks one, but the fandom loves it. In fact, someone even compiled his dad jokes and provided explanations!

5. … And he even laughs at his own dad jokes.

To add fuel to the flame, one of Jin’s way of showing his self-love is by laughing at his own jokes. Well, we kind of understand, because if his own co-members wouldn’t laugh at his puns, then who else could do it for him except him, right? Honestly, it’s a good thing we love him. And it’s also a good thing that we love hearing his laugh!

6. … And he appreciates how everyone else appreciates his dad jokes!

To cap it all off, Jin loves it when the happy virus he gives spreads – both to his members and to his fans! Recently, Suga had cracked a dad joke in a Bon Voyage episode – and Jin loved it! He also loved this fan’s attempt at a dad joke during one of their fan signs – and now it’s an ultimate dream to make the King of Dad Jokes laugh at yours like this.

7. He is the king of reactions!

We love how he’s extra in every way – even in his reactions! He makes us laugh out loud every time, and there’s no question why he’s one of BTS’ ultimate mood makers.

8. …Really, his reactions are gold!

As mentioned, we really love how solid his reactions are! We couldn’t stop laughing and gushing at the same time whenever he gets excited like this!

9. His winks… can kill.

This moment is iconic in BTS history… imagine making Super Junior’s Heechul flustered because of your natural instinct to wink? Only King Seokjin can do that.

10. … And have we mentioned his winks?

Yes, Jin is definitely a confident man and we love him for it… but we love it more when he suddenly gets shy because of how adorable it gets! If it were just possible to squish his cheeks, we would’ve done so already!

11. Okay, seriously though – his vocals are heavenly!

We’ve got to say it: Jin’s vocals are definitely as beautiful as he is! This man has the capacity to slay us after belting out even just one line – especially in his solo song “Epiphany”. He doesn’t stop with just that though — no, this man is so extra and talented that he had even managed to steal our hearts even more by playing the piano to accompany his sweet voice! Oh, and he also plays the guitar too – so yep, we stan a talented man!

12. His voice gave us an epiphany

Really though, everyone loved “Epiphany” so much that an entire crowd of people from a restaurant suddenly bursted out singing along when they heard it play. We aspire to have this kind of power, y’all.

We love BTS’ Jin entirely – with his vocals, personality, talent, and all. We wish for him to keep on being a happy virus to the group and though he might get chaotic and mischievous at times, we hope his energy never fades! Keep being gorgeous, talented, and — okay, fine — funny, Kim Seokjin! Happy birthday!

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