Ha:tfelt and SNSD’s Sunny snap a photo together

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The two bands are known to be rivals but it seems like it might be the exact opposite! Here is Wonder Girls’ Ye-Eun, aka Ha:tfelt and SNSD’s Sunny snapping a picture together. In the recent broadcast of Sunny’s FM Date, where Sunny is the DJ, Ha:tfelt sat in as a guest to promote her solo debut album Me?. The two seemed to enjoy their chat together so much that Sunny even asked how much Ha:tfelt’s alcohol tolerance was. Sunny also learned that her member Sooyoung texted Ha:tfelt, she asked her if Sooyoung said something about the show. Ha:tfelt then said Sooyoung wanted her to enjoy the show. Check out their pictures together and listen to their conversation below:

Source: News and Photos- yeeun-impact; Video- 원더걸스 월드


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