Hwasa Bares Her Heart In Emotional “LMM” Music Video

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Prepare for a roller-coaster of emotions as Hwasa unveils a heart-rending music video for her soulful ballad track “LMM.”

Hwasa released a beguiling music video of her beautiful b-side track “LMM”. The track is part of her smashing first solo debut album María. 


The vocalist looks breathtaking as she stuns in an all-white ensemble. The subdued environment around Hwasa really brings out the essence of the track. “LMM” is a track that shines due to its simplicity.

Hwasa lets her voice be the focal point of not just the music video but of the track as well. Even though the music video stuns with its visuals, viewers will surely be mesmerized by the singer’s spellbinding vocal chops.

The MAMAMOO singer shows panache with her dulcet notes. The overall look of the music video is very cinematic as the singer sits at the edge of a pool overlooking the horizon in a house that replicates the structure of a flower.

Scenes such as Hwasa hiding from the arrows and feeling trapped as she surrounded by a thousand arrows speak volumes. She expresses quite profoundly how she feels. Through the lyrics and in the video, Hwasa feels like hiding because she feels attacked so much so that when she fights back and shoots an arrow from her end, it only comes back and stabs her towards the end.

Hwasa has also voiced a similar notion in her album’s title track “Maria” as well. In the track’s music video, a particular scene of pencils, like daggers, charge aiming at her like knives. In the video, she referred to the situations when she has faced the brunt of netizens and media critiquing, almost her every move.

The track showcases Hwasa’s vocal range in the finest way imaginable. Her effortless breathy tones are fluid and faultless, her pristine high notes are sure to leave listeners captivated while her soft tones add a beautiful layer to the overall melody.

The song has a very orchestral tone to it and is composed of a predominantly piano and violin-based melody. Hwasa’s vocals are in focus on this song and shine brightly than ever. “LMM” expresses the emotions of when someone loses the course of their life or a special person. They keep reaching out for more without realizing that in the process they are losing themselves.

Watch the captivating music video of Hwasa’s “LMM” below:

Source and Photo Credits: RBW

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