Hwasa Shows Off Her Fierceness In The Latest Image Teaser For “María”

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Hwasa exudes a dynamic aura in her latest image teaser for her latest album María!

Hwasa unveiled a new image teaser for her upcoming album on June 19. Looking every bit the fierce femme fatale, the songstress stuns with her intense gaze and strong demeanor in the photo.

The image evokes power with its standout aesthetics ensuring that the focus stays on the artist herself. The vocalist has been raising anticipations for her mini album. Especially with mesmerizing and mystifying announcements, Hwasa has surely piqued the curiosity of fans for what’s to come.

Her first teaser photo is enigmatic to say the least. It shows the singer laying on the side of the pool in a dazed manner. The black water flowing out of the bathtub resembles the mucky water in a pond as she looks like a wilted flower.

Hwasa also gave a glimpse into her album María with her teaser track “Intro: Nobody else”. The lyrics were extremely earnest and showed off the singer’s raw side as she expressed how sometimes ugly thoughts can hide behind a beautiful face and play havoc on a person’s mind.

The symbolism in the teaser is striking, as she subtly compares herself to a a flower that has wilted due to all the negativity around her – and one that blooms only when she admits that she is now calm.

Besides this, Hwasa also disclosed a stunning teaser photo to announce her album. The picture has a snake that slithered across the songstress’ face.

Hwasa will be revealing her highly anticipated album María on June 29, 6PM KST.

Source: RBW