Hwasa Entrances Like An Enigma In Latest Teaser Image For “María”

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Looking like the epitome of an enigma, Hwasa stuns in a new bewitching and bizarre teaser photo for her upcoming album María.

Hwasa unveiled her new teaser shot on MAMAMOO’s official SNS on June 16. The singer looks seemingly dazed with her smeared makeup as she lies on the edge of the pool.


The black water flowing out of the pool is striking. It is reminiscent of mucky water in a pond while Hwasa resembles a wilting flower.

She had previously unveiled her teaser track video “Intro: Nobody else”. In the track, the lyricism is profound as can be. It expresses the looming dark thoughts the sometimes hide behind a brilliant bearing.

In the teaser she shows through the imagery how the negativity around someone can make them feel as through they are starting to wilt just like a flower.


The flower only blooms after she admits that she is now calm. Hwasa looks every bit ethereal in the introspective video as she mesmerized with her honeyed voice. 

Besides this, Hwasa has unveiled a fierce teaser photo to announce her album. The picture had a snake that slithered across the songstress’ face.

The mystifying announcements from the vocalist have only piqued fans’ curiosities for the overall concept and what’s to come in the album. 

Hwasa is all set to spellbind fans with her sweet toned vocals on her first mini album María that will be releasing on June 29, 6PM KST.

Source: RBW

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