Hwasa Adds Mischief To The Macabre In The Latest Teaser For “Maria”

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Hwasa is looks lovely in a lively vita version teaser of her track “Maria”! 

Hwasa recently spooked fans in a mesmerizing morte version of her track “Maria”, she followed it up with the vita version which took place in almost the same setting. However, it is a far cry from the morbid mood that the morte version sets. 

Though the aesthetics remain essentially the same as the previous video, the vocalist still raises intrigue albeit in a much cheeky manner.

Like the last video, the vita version opens into a chaotic scene with barricade tapes and flashing cameras. Hwasa looks stunning in a close up shot as she stares nonchalantly at the camera. This is in stark contrast to the morte version wherein she lays in a semi conscious fashion at a pool.

Rocking her red tresses, Hwasa poses fiercely in a setting that makes it seem like she is on display. The scene wherein the songstress lies on top on a casket reflects the same idea as well. Besides this, she exudes a certain mischievousness amidst the morbid backdrop. The vocalist is all dressed up in a bloodied apron while faceless guests are served broken microphones and cassettes. 

The video is profound in its symbolism as with the stills, Hwasa expresses the message of how there are hidden struggles behind all the glitz and the glam as she wears a bedazzling crown made of nails that creates a standout statement.

By the looks of it, the track seems to be more introspective in its approach. Towards the end of the teaser, she sits at the edge of the pool with her crown. As she looks down at her own reflection in the bloody looking waters, her melodic voice reverberates with the single word “Maria”.  


Meanwhile, Hwasa is all set to unveil her first mini-album María through various music sites at 6PM on June 29. 

Source: RBW

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