HyunA Officially Terminates Contract With Cube Entertainment

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It’s official – HyunA is saying goodbye to Cube Entertainment for good.

Cube Entertainment confirmed on October 15 that it has reached an agreement with HyunA to terminate her exclusive contract.

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The singer eventually made the decision to leave the agency after the recent plight of events concerning the revelation of her relationship with fellow Cube Entertainment artist, Pentagon’s E’Dawn.

As per Cube Entertainment’s official statement, “Cube Entertainment and HyunA reached an agreement to terminate her contract on October 15. We sincerely thank the artist and fans who have been with us until now once again.”

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The couple, who informed the public about their relationship on September, had been under the limelight as fans watched out for their next move concerning their respective careers.

ICYMI, it all started with Cube Entertainment denying the rumors circulating about HyunA and E’Dawn’s dating. However, HyunA acknowledged her relationship with E’Dawn afterward, earning disapproval from Cube as her move disputed the agency’s initial statement.

Due to this, the activities of Triple H and Pentagon were both affected. Cube Entertainment, later on, announced that the two artists would be removed from the agency – which they took back later, stating that the decision was not yet final.

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Apart from HyunA, there is no update about E’Dawn and the decision regarding his contract situation with Cube yet. Meanwhile, the two have recently received lots of attention on social media by posting cute and sweet photos of them going out on dates while traveling.


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