ICYMI: MAMAMOO “Red Moon” Teaser Series

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There is not much waiting left before MAMAMOO’s seventh mini album, Red Moon. And the teasers are definitely heightening expectations!


Photo Credit: RBW Entertainment

For their seventh mini-album comeback, Red Moon, MAMAMOO has been sharing a lot of teaser images. While there is not much time left before the album’s release, the teasers have been produced with high quality that amplifies anticipation on the comeback. And in case you missed the Red Moon teaser series, here is a compilation of them!

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Group Pictures

Individual Images


Film Teasers

More film teasers will come out July 12, and 13, as announced in the schedule plan.

The teasers have been released according to the schedule plan announced earlier on July 1.

While preparing for Red Moon promotions, the girls are also getting ready for their concert, 2018 MAMAMOO Concert 4Season S/S. The concert will be held for two days, on Saturday, July 18 (5PM KST) and Sunday, July 19 (6PM KST). It will take place at SK Handball Olympic Gymnasium,

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MAMAMOO debuted in 2014 under RBW Entertainment with single track “Mr. Ambitious”. Since then, the group has gained significant attention for their unique musical style and concepts.

With the six EPs and one studio albums released to date, the quartet has been delivering a fusion of Pop, Jazz, and R&B. With such musicality, that is a major factor as to why the girls have won not only prestigious local Korean awards, but also International awards.