INFINITE To Celebrate Debut Anniversary With New Music and Fan Meeting

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INFINITE is celebrating their debut anniversary by releasing a new song and hosting a full-length fan meeting for the first time in seven years.

INFINITE’s agency, Infinite Company, shared the group’s schedule on social media at midnight on May 17. The schedule, presented in a visually appealing image featuring papers filled with plans from May to July under a beam of light, revealed the group’s plans for a digital single and a fan meeting event called Infinite Rally. This announcement excited fans worldwide.

The schedule indicates that concept photos will be unveiled over seven days, starting with a title poster on the 20th. On June 7, a lyric poster featuring some of the new song’s lyrics will be released, building further anticipation.

To commemorate their 14th debut anniversary, INFINITE will hold a live event at 7 PM on June 9, coinciding with the release of their digital single. They will connect with fans globally during this live broadcast, sharing insights about their new song.


INFINITE’s exclusive fan meeting ‘Infinite Rally Ⅳ’ is set for July 13th and 14th, marking their first full fan meeting since ‘Infinite Rally Ⅲ’ in March 2017. The announcement, highlighting “7 years ago in March,” has heightened fan excitement.

The ‘Infinite Rally’ series, first held in 2013, has become a hallmark of INFINITE’s fan interactions, praised for setting new standards. With all members having completed their military service, there are high expectations for this year’s event, which promises new charms and stages.

Since forming Infinite Company last year to promote as a complete group, INFINITE released their seventh mini album ‘Begin (13egin)’ and returned to the music scene after about five years. They successfully concluded their solo concert ‘COMEBACK AGAIN’ Asian tour, reinforcing their status as ‘K-pop legends.’

INFINITE’s new digital single will be available on various music platforms at 6 PM on June 9th. The ‘Infinite Rally Ⅳ’ fan meeting will take place on July 13th and 14th, with more details to be announced later.

Source: joynews24