INFINITE’s hip-hop unit INFINITE H reveals logo

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INFINITE’s new hip-hop unit group INFINITE H, made of members Dong Woo and Hoya, surprised their fans by performing their unreleased song, Without You (니가 없을 때) on MBC‘s Gayo DaeJaeJeon‘s stage on December 31st.

As the surprise performance led to high anticipation from the fans, INFINITE H shared their logo on INFINITE’s homepage and showed that their music release was coming up soon. Many music fans and the general public are predicting through their logo with a background painted in bright neon colors, that INFINITE H will present a unique kind of music. Especially as it is said that Primary has helped INFINITE H with the new album producing, many are looking forward to the new album release.

Their agency Woolim Entertainment still has not revealed INFINITE H’s debut date, but they stated that the album will be revealed in January.

Are you looking forward to the new hip-hop unit group?

Source: news and photo-INFINITE homepage

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