ITZY Surpasses 200 Million Spotify Streams With “IT’z ME”

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ITZY shows their impressive global reach, surpassing 200 million Spotify streams with their second mini-album, IT’z ME!

ITZY’s second EP, IT’z ME, exceeded 200 million cumulative streams on the global music platform, Spotify. The mini-album, released in March of last year, includes the hit title track, “WANNABE” as well as b-sides, “TING TING TING”, “THAT’S A NO NO”, “NOBODY LIKE YOU”, “YOU MAKE ME”, “I DON’T WANNA DANCE”, and “24HRS”.


In all aspects, ITZY dominates domestic and foreign music markets with their work. Their recent EP, GUESS WHO and its title track “In the morning”, continue to smash admirable records following its release on April 20.

Based on Gaon Chart’s release volume records, ITZY exceeded 330,000 cumulative sales with GUESS WHO. Ince the group exceeded 250,000 sales, Gaon Chart awarded ITZY with a platinum seller certification.

With their powerful stage presence and wide range of talents, ITZY remains as one of the leading fourth-generation K-Pop girl groups. The group recently charted simultaneously on two of Billboard’s three main charts, the “Billboard 200” as well as the “Artist 100”.

In addition to album promotions, ITZY delivers charismatic video content for worldwide fans. The members often take to their official YouTube channel to post vlogs of their daily life. Most recently, Lia displayed her passion for singing in music during her vocal practice. She also shared sentimental memories of the group while taking MIDZY’s along with her on a stroll in a park.

The members consistently portray their strong skills in the field. From their impressive stages to variety entertainment, modelling, and more, ITZY establishes a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

As their fame continues to soar both at home and overseas, many are anticipating even more fruitful results of their hard work throughout the year.

Source: Spotv News

Image and Video Source: JYP Entertainment