ITZY To Release Their First-Ever English Album In January

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Global superpower ITZY will greet global fans with their first-ever English album, releasing this January!

ITZY has surprised fans by unveiling their plans to release an all-English album on January 22, 2021. The project marks ITZY’s first English album release, showcasing the group’s efforts to connect more intimately with their global fanbase.

The teaser image also revealed a “COUNTDOWN LIVE” event. The countdown will be held by Naver Now on the album’s release date, January 22, at 1 PM KST.


The teaser poster for the English Not Shy album revealed its tracklist. The album includes fan-favorite title songs, such as “Not Shy”, “WANNABE”, “ICY”, and “DALLA DALLA”.

Recently, “Not Shy”, off of the group’s third mini-album, received immense praise from foreign media. TIME magazine included the track in its list for best K-pop songs of 2020. Furthermore, Spotify identified ITZY’s “WANNABE” in its top globally streamed K-pop tracks of the year. The group’s domination across domestic and international music charts illustrates their worldwide demand.

ITZY plans to captivate international fans through their first-ever English album, increasing their close connection MIDZY. Due to their global support, the girl group continues to gain attention. Often named one of the girl groups leading the fourth generation Hallyu wave, ITZY’s unrivaled concepts and performance abilities always impress.

Meanwhile, the group celebrated Christmas with fans during the 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon. Performing a thrilling dance introduction and “Not Shy”, ITZY thrilled audiences with their impactful stages.

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