IU Sings Of Living The “Celebrity” Life In Pre-Release Track For 5th Full Album

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The one and only IU has a heartful message through her pre-release track that will make everyone uplifted and emotional.

On January 27, IU dropped a pre-release track entitled “Celebrity” for her upcoming fifth full album. Dedicated to strange and eccentric people around the world, it was a song that definitely made hearts soft.

IU’s new song is described as an electronic pop genre with hints of tropical house. Composed by Ryan S. Jhun, Jeppe London Bilsby, Lauritz Emil Christiansen, IU, Chloe Latimer, and Celine Svanback, while the lyrics were written by IU, making the song more affectionate.

“Celebrity” features a cheerful and trendy sound, with the addition of freshness by combining a synthesizer and mixed hook that is new in IU’s music. The song feels like it is coming deep inside a woman’s heart, who has finally accepted her growth as a human. Quite likely, it can be interpreted as an ode to her younger self.

IU Celebrity

Particularly, the lyrics convey the message of not changing yourself for anyone’s satisfaction but to your own happiness. Each lovely word contains the purpose of bringing energy to those hopeless and weary.

“Don’t forget among the cloudy dark / You’re a star painted with a left hand / Can’t you see how beautiful / A true uniqueness can be / You are my celebrity”

Additionally, the music video shows IU living a colorful celebrity life, also the anxiousness a celebrity feels behind the camera. The emptiness when you go back home alone, and the worry if a spotlight will still shine towards you the next morning.

The music video for “Celebrity” also showcased IU’s attractive and sensuous beauty. Her expressive eyes were praiseworthy as they added deep emotions to the song itself.

Meanwhile, expectations are getting heightened as fans are getting aroused on IU’s first full album after four years.

Source: OSEN