IU Is Rebellious In ‘Twenty-three’ MV

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IU is finally back with a fun music video for her catchy title track Twenty-three!

At midnight on October 23, the singer released her 4th mini album CHART-SHIRE, as well as the official music video for Twenty-three via her facebook page.

At the beginning of the video, IU surprises viewers by walking up to a table and slamming her face into a birthday cake after blowing out the candles and tasting it. Then, she is seen running away from a monster, and messing around in a Wonderland-like world with cartoon animals. The singer also shows off her rebellious side in the video, which is completely different from her usual innocent image.

IU’s new album is a collection of seven tracks that feature her own experiences as a 23 year-old girl (Korean age) and thoughts from others. The album’s name CHART-SHIRE implies a small society where all the characters from different states need only 23 steps to travel around.

Check out the MV for Twenty-three below:

 Editing by MaliVai Tjong Ayong

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