IVE Shares Meaning Behind Team Name, Expresses Gratitude To Fans, And More In Media Showcase For Grand Debut

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Starting off their career on a good note, IVE showed the world that they have what it takes to be the next leading K-Pop girl group in their recently-held debut media showcase!

Starship Entertainment’s newest girl group IVE talked about the concept behind their team name, the overall message of their two debut tracks, and their feelings about finally being able to debut during the special media showcase conducted five hours prior to the release of their single album ELEVEN.

IVE Eleven

Before proceeding with the showcase proper, the press had the chance to take photos of the members, who were all oozing with sophistication and confidence. The Photo Time segment also allowed the members of the media to individually capture the girls’ natural beauty.


Coming out by order of age, each member took turns in taking the center stage to pose for the cameras. The first one who took the spotlight was none other than IVE’s leader, Yujin. Her colored yet elegant ensemble perfectly complemented her milky white skin. The outfit also hugged her body well and accentuated her perfect figure. Posing in a girly and manner, the SBS Inkigayo host caught everyone’s attention with her lovely smile and riveting gaze.

Moving on to the next member, dancer Gaeul took fans’ breaths away with her effortless appeal and enthralling poise. She posed simply yet elegantly with the “number seven” gesture,  which is one of the point choreographies to the group’s title track “Eleven.” You can really notice the softness of her personality by the way she looks at the camera. Sporting an infectious smile and a fancy attire, Gaeul also happily waved her hands to great everyone present in the event as well as the global fans who patiently waited for their grand debut.

Dominating the stage with great pride and her unparalleled charisma, Japanese member Rei flaunted her insanely attractive visuals. Her dainty hairstyle definitely made her more gleaming and gorgeous. While posing in a sophisticated manner, Rei left everyone in deep awe and admiration. Her other photos also unleashed her playful and fun personality that global fans will soon see frequently.

Wonyoung, of course, filled the stage with her unparalleled charisma and graceful aura. Her bright pink dress made her more sophisticated as ever. With the usage of a big black belt, the outfit also perfectly fits her perfect body figure. You can see in her gaze the delight of being able to debut again. With her soft smile and gorgeous visuals, Wonyoung dominated the stage like a pro.

Next up, vocalist Liz walked towards the stage with overflowing charisma and enthralling aura. Her blonde hair definitely stood out, along with her amazing proportions. The simple but elegant styling made her more youthful as ever. Effortlessly capturing everyone’s hearts, Liz stroked various adorable and girly poses that anyone would find hard to resist. Looking at her photos can definitely give you a serotonin boost, given how warm and welcoming her smile is.

Last but definitely not the least is maknae Leeseo. She cheerfully and confidently made her way onstage. Out of all the members, her poses were the most adorable. Providing the ultimate fan service, Leeseo gave many hearts, while looking sincerely towards the camera. Some of the photos captured displays the young idol poking her cheeks and making peace signs.


Right after the photo capture corner, the IVE members went onstage as a whole to greet everyone again. With the aid of MC Park Seulgi, each of the girls expressed their feelings and emotions about their grand debut.

IVE said, “This is the long-awaited debut day. [We are] excited and nervous, but [we] will show you a good side as much as [we] prepared hard. We ask for a lot of support.”

IVE Eleven


A new segment called “HAVE WHAT WE WANT” immediately began after the short interview. The girls were given a chance to take a seat in order to be more comfortable. This specific corner gave the girls the opportunity to share various stories about their debut single album and to show the two point choreographies to “ELEVEN” called the ‘heaven dance’ and the ‘seven dance.” They emphasized that their title track emphasizes their unique identity and their perfect teamwork. Falling under the pop dance genre, it also portrays the feelings of a girl who colors her heart with various colors of love.

In the “SHOW WHAT I HAVE” segment, Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo introduced themselves individually and personally to fans using their corresponding keywords. Wonyoung’s keyword is “I have victory,” while Liz and Rei’s are “I have a taste” and “I have curiosity,” respectively. In addition, Gaeul and Leeseo’s keyword are “I have a goal” and “I have a spark,” while “I have you” is Yujin’s point word.

Explaining the essence of their team name, the girls shared that they all aim to show an independent and confident side just like what their team name “IVE”—as in “I HAVE”—represents.


IVE Eleven

Making the showcase more memorable, Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo also displayed their individual skills in dancing, rapping and singing. Rei showed off her ability to rap smoothly, while Gaeul exhibited her magnificent and suave moves.

Fans also sent messages of support to IVE with eleven letters tailored to ‘ELEVEN’ such as “History starts now, IVE”, “Come on, IVE waited for you”, “IVE, walk with us.” In response, the members of IVE said, “Always with Ive. Together,” “Thank you for starting with us,” and “Let’s only walk on the flowery path together.”

Ending the exciting and fun showcase with a bang, a special concept video graced the attendees’ eyes prior to IVE delivering their first-ever live performance of their debut song “ELEVEN.” Shortly after, the extravagant music video to the song was shown, which thoroughly impressed every spectator.

Extending their hopes to become better artists whom fans can always count on, IVE said, “Thank you for your support. We will work hard so that we can show you a great stage in the future.”

Meanwhile, IVE released their first single album ELEVEN on December 1. It consists of two tracks including the title song of the same name and “Take It,” which has EDM touches and Trap grooves, and presents the girls’ raw and fresh passion.

Source: Starship Entertainment

Photos from Starship Entertainment

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