IVE Shows New Charm Through Release Of Behind-The-Scenes Recording Of “After LIKE”

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DIVEs, be sure to witness a new side of IVE through the behind-the-scenes recording of “After LIKE” 

IVE has recently released the [IVE ON] IVE ‘After LIKE’ Recording BEHIND video through their official YouTube channel. 

The video shows IVE members recording their third single album “After LIKE”. In the video, IVE draws attention as they entered the recording studio one by one and recorded the track in a professional manner. 

The first member to begin recording was leader An Yujin. She showed a professional appearance with the stable singing ability and paid attention to the smallest details. Yujin mentioned that “I can’t believe that IVE is already on our third album” and “When I first heard about ‘After LIKE’, I thought that the retro style was strong. But when I listen to it, I think that it’s a song that I can listen to lightly.”

Next, Liz took over the baton and greeted the camera in the recording studio brightly, delivering bright energy throughout the recording. Jang Wonyong, who entered the recording studio as the third member to record, sang with her own feelings and showed her passion for actively presenting opinions and trying continuously. 

Rei was the first member to start recording on the last day. Rei showcased her rap and vocals with a serious look that was different from her usual bouncy appearance. Prior to recording, Gaeul mentioned that “This song is a bright song so I think it will be different from the last time. This time, I will try to do it with a smile.” Leeseo, the last member to record, also finished recording perfectly by practicing repeatedly. 

The recording site for IVE’s b-side track “My Satisfaction” was also revealed. On top of recording seriously, the IVE members also communicated with fans in a friendly manner by sharing various stories using their selfie cameras. In particular, IVE’s usual appearance without makeup delivered a different charm from the stage. 

Through Starship Entertainment’s A&R team, IVE has been able to focus on finding songs and parts optimized for each member’s vocal range and tone since their debut. Despite performing songs of various genres, each member showed the belief and possibility of trying out different styles of songs. In response, IVE presented all three titles “Eleven”, “Love Dive” and “After LIKE” as songs with different musical tones.

Although they are different, the lyrics are intended to be a narrative that continues through the lyricist Seo Jieum and IVE’s own colors. The group created a narcissism trilogy with a variety of challenges and built their own worldview, receiving a great response.

In particular, Jeff Benjamin, a columnist specializing in K-Pop, praised the incorporation of “LOVE” into the lyrics of “After LIKE” as a confident message based on the group’s confidence and “self-love” through an article on the Billboard website.

Meanwhile, IVE has been making headlines by appearing at various festivals after the official activities of “After LIKE” which aired on SBS’s “Inkigayo” on September 18. This year alone, IVE has acquired a record of 34 wins in music programs with 13 wins in “Eleven”, 10 wins in “Love Dive” and 11 wins in “AFTER Like”. In addition, IVE is also showing steady popularity in domestic charts as well as overseas long runs.

According to the 39th week circle chart (formerly known as Gaon Chart), “After LIKE” topped the digital charts and streaming charts for four weeks in a row and on the Melon and Genie weekly charts (aggregation period of September 19 to September 25) for four weeks in a row. “Love Dive” and “Eleven” also ranked at the top of the charts of major domestic sites, continuing as the “sound source powerhouse”.

PR Source: Starship Entertainment