IZ Writes Summer Memories In Completed Teaser Countdown For “FROM:IZ” Comeback

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Memories with IZ would probably always feel like summer, too.

IZ blows fans away as they wrap up preparations for their comeback with a new mini-album titled FROM:IZ on August 21.

The band is gearing up to make their high-speed return with new music this August marked by the release of their new single album’s title track “Final Kiss” and its music video at 6 PM KST!

Raising anticipation for their comeback, the group had released several teasers to help fans endure the wait with sneak peeks of what they have in store for “Final Kiss”.

Among these is a teaser video featuring vocalist Ji Hoo, who starts by singing as he types with a manual typewriter and evokes analog sensibilities.

The members also spend time alone in the teaser as if they were lost in their memories, but soon gathered together to complete IZ’s music, raising expectations for the new song.

If the second teaser further raised fans’ curiosity about the music video as it heralded more of its story, the group’s the first teaser focused in showing summer’s coolness.

Their concept photos also proved to be sweet additions to the teaser countdown as it reflects the cool and refreshing vibes of the summer season.


The title track also added a sense of calm by narrating a regretless love in the summer season.

The song harbors a combination of “unfamiliar but familiar” emotions, which harmonizes with the fresh feeling brought by its light and cheerful rhythm.

IZ last graced the music scene with the mini-album RE:IZ last May, and it was led by the track “EDEN”.

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