IZ*ONE Joins The “Pepsi 2021 K-Pop Campaign” Exciting Fans For Their Upcoming Collaboration Track

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IZ*ONE joins the “Pepsi 2021 K-Pop Campaign” releasing a teaser video for the collaboration!

IZ*ONE will team up with Pepsi for its “Pepsi 2021 K-pop Campaign”. The collaboration between Pepsi and Starship Entertainment previously featured artists such as VIXX’s Ravi and Gfriend’s Eunhwa, Ong Seong Woo, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and VIXX’s Hongbin, Rain and Soyou, Zico and Kang Daniel, as well as CIX’s Bae Jinyoung and WEI’s Kim Yohan.


The “Pepsi 2021 K-Pop Campaign” is a business venture between Pepsi and Starship Entertainment. The program offers label artists an opportunity to release new music and special collaborations.

Following the positive response from fans, Pepsi plans to add more collaborating artists to its campaign, beginning with IZ*ONE. With Pepsi, artists will communicate hope and messages of support to cheer up fans while providing them energy.

In the announcement video, IZ*ONE members Kwon Eunbi, Sakura, Kim Minju, Jo Yuri, and Jang Wonyoung, make shining appearances.

After debuting in 2018 with Color*Iz, IZ*ONE charmed listeners with their refreshing and bright concepts. Additionally, they proved their stage charisma through a variety of powerful performances.

Hit title tracks including “La Vie en Rose”, “Violeta”, “FIESTA”, “Secret Story Of The Swan”, and their latest song “PANORAMA”, quickly proved their unique musical identity.

During their latest comeback, the group swept first-place rankings in music broadcasts and sold more than 190,000 copies of their album on its first-day release.

As such, many fans are eagerly anticipating the group’s collaboration with Pepsi, sure that the group will release another hit track. Meanwhile, K-pop fans can look forward to more collaborations ahead. The rest of the lineup for the “Pepsi 2021 K-Pop Campaign” will be released shortly in the future.

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Image and Video Source: Starship Entertainment | Pepsi