IZ*ONE’s “BLOOM*IZ” Tops Oricon’s Weekly Album Chart + MBC’s “The Show” Music Win

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It is yet another milestone for IZ*ONE as they dominated Japan’s Oricon weekly overseas album chart for the third time

On February 17-23, IZ*ONE’s latest album BLOOM*IZ secured the first place on Japan’s Oricon weekly overseas album chart. Notably, this would be their third time being No. 1 in the chart.

Prior to their chart-topping album BLOOM*IZ, the female group achieved No. 1 on Japan’s Oricon chart with two of their previous albums COLOR*IZ – with title track “La Vie en Rose” and HEART*IZ with lead song “Violeta“.

With title track “Fiesta” for their latest album, IZ*ONE secured two first place for their stages on MBC’s Show Champion. They performed two tracks from their 12-track album – “Spaceship” and “Fiesta”.

As shown in the performance stage, the mint and essential shades of their stage clothing emit a crisp yet refined appeal. Likewise, the girls’ amazing and exquisite dance move execution, and the individuals’ solid voices shine throughout their stage.

For their acceptance speech, they gave thanks to their fans WIZ*ONE for the continuous love and support. The girls said that they will not forget all those valuable and precious things WI*ZONE gave to them and wish everyone well. Afterwards, they acknowledged the people behind their album’s success and their company who struggled for making the album.

Previously, IZ*ONE proved their strength by winning the first place after the comeback in SBS MTV’s The Show on February 25.

Watch their performance:

Since the album’s release on February 17, BLOOM*IZ ranked No.1 in the domestic and overseas music charts and recorded a total of 356,313 initial sales in the first week of release, setting a new record for the girl group’s history.

In addition to the album’s success, it entered fourth place on Japan’s Tower Records album sales chart whilst topping iTunes album charts in nearly 15 countries and regions worldwide.

Meanwhile, IZ*ONE is planning to continue its domestic and overseas activities with its newest music release.

Source: The Korea Herald | Sports Chosun