IZ*ONE Tops Music Charts Following The Release Of Their “UNIVERSE Music” Track “D-D-DANCE”

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IZ*ONE dance their way to the top of music charts with “D-D-DANCE”, the track released in celebration of new the global online platform “UNIVERSE”.

IZ*ONE opened the “UNIVERSE Music” series with their track “D-D-DANCE”, impressing listeners with their clear vocals against an alluring beat. The song, released to celebrate the upcoming launch of the new K-Pop fandom community platform called “UNIVERSE”, topped music charts across South Korea upon release.


“D-D-DANCE”, the first track of “UNIVERSE”‘s original content project, dropped on January 26 at 6 PM KST. Following its release, the song ranked second on the Genie Music and Bugs real-time charts. Additionally, it ranked fourth on Melon real-time charts as well.

The IZ*ONE track delighted listeners with its dance-pop genre. Driven by a lively rhythmic guitar and underscored by heavy synth, the song encapsulated the group’s distinct charisma while providing a captivating new sound.

The project was penned by Full8loom, dubbed a “K-Pop hitmaker”, for working on tracks by iconic Korean girl-groups including TWICE, WJSN, Lovelyz, and Weki Meki. In their newest project with IZ*ONE, the production and composition team impressed by blending the members’ refreshing vocals with an intoxicating beat.

New Content Ahead

Additionally, expectations are soaring for the music video for “D-D-DANCE”, which releases exclusively on the “UNIVERSE” app on January 28 at 6 PM KST.

The “UNIVERSE” platform received strong support for their original “UNIVERSE Music” series following IZ*ONE’s release. Other “UNIVERSE” artists such as Kang Daniel, ATEEZ, CIX, WJSN, and more, will release new music every month sequentially.

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to the official launch of “UNIVERSE” on January 28. The all-in-one platform offers different online and offline fandom activities. Following its launch, the platform will host and live-stream its “UNI-KON” concert, featuring all “UNIVERSE” artists. The event will occur on February 14.

Fans can keep up to date on “UNIVERSE” on its website and social media:

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PR and Image Source: KLAP

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