Jeon Somi Shares Track List Poster For Her Self-Written And Composed Song “Outta My Head”

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Jeon Somi is really prepping up for a special album!

As her debut approaches, Jeon Somi shares more details about the tracks that will comprise her first album as a solo artist and her first release under new label The Black Label.

Confirmed for a June 13 release, the upcoming album of the singer will be fronted by “Birthday”, a track written and composed by renowned producer Teddy along with 24, and Bekuh Boom. Moreover, the former I.O.I member participated in writing the song’s lyrics and composing its music.

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But it seems that Jeon Somi is not holding back in making sure that her debut release will come out perfect and with her personal touch as she also took charge in the lyric writing and composition of another song titled “Outta My Head”. The singer worked with 24 for the lyrics.

Under the Twitter post of the new teaser photo, fans left encouraging words and praises for Jeon Somi. Some called her “queen” and “beautiful”, while many celebrated the fact that the singer worked on her own music.

Jeon Somi

(Photo from The Black Label)

Jeon Somi’s solo debut will come after more than a year since I.O.I disbanded, and almost nine months after she officially signed with The Black Label after contract termination with JYP Entertainment – which she represented in the first season of Produce 101.

Because of the long gap between her solo debut and the end of her activities with I.O.I, fans can’t help but feel extra excited to finally see her perform again.

Moreover, her upcoming release will be helmed by Teddy, who has produced countless of hit tracks for YG Entertainment artists such as BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby”, 2NE1’s “Fire”, iKON’s “Apology”, and BLACKPINK’s “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”.