To Jeong Sewoon, Winning First Place For His Music Is Not The Most Important

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Jeong Sewoon shows a more sensuous side in the latest VOGUE photo shoot and shares his sensible thoughts on music.


Fashion magazine VOGUE Korea has released a chic pictorial with singer-songwriter Jeong Sewoon. The idol, who is about to comeback with a new album, shows an alluring side in his most recent art display.

Jeong Sewoon

In the pictorial, the artist boasts an irresistible charm with a wet-looking hairstyle, while showing a sophisticated pose. He commands absolute attention with his intense glance, almost piercing the camera lens. The performer further draws eyes onto him with his outstanding visuals.

In the followed interview, Jeong Sewoon took the opportunity to introduce his new album, 24 PART 2, scheduled for release on January 6. He said, “If 24 PART 1 is at 00:00, 24 PART 2 is at 00:01. It means that you took one turn and one step.”

He further expressed his love for music by sharing the joy he feels when creating and how his happiest moments are whenever an inspiration flashes. “I can’t get an inspiration if I sit still. I have to continuously think about it so that at some point it all connects. Sometimes, listening to the song that I worked on the next day is not so good, but the process itself is fun.”

Finally, when asked if he had any expectations for the new album, the singer stated, “I don’t want anything.” To Sewoon, the most important thing isn’t winning first place but rather the fact that he is making music.

“There are so many things I want to do and songs that I want to play for you, I want to have fun as I do now. However, I hope I could do offline performances as quickly as possible.”

The full pictorial and interview with Jeong Swoon can be grabbed in the January 2021 issue of VOGUE Korea.

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Image credit: Vogue Korea