Jessica Jung Gears Up For A September Comeback

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Beloved ice princess Jessica is ready to charm everyone with her alluring vocals this month!

After nine months, Jessica Jung is preparing to charm everyone with her one of a kind vocals with a September comeback.

On September 16, Coridel Entertainment confirmed that she will be releasing new music for her fans this month.

Jessica Jung

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A representative from Coridel Entertainment confirmed that Jessica is indeed making her return this month, which is a collaboration with an artist that has yet to be named. “We will be showcasing a new style of music that matches Jessica’s unique sound,” they added.

Prior to this comeback, Jessica released a winter album titled One More Christmas. The album was geared towards capturing the tone and bringing warmth to the Christmas season through the singer’s melodic sound.

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Aside from her music, Jessica has also been working on a television show. Alongside her sister Krystal, they explore their lives in the past five years and their plans for the future.

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Source: MK Star Today