Jin Radiates Superlunary Sophistication in Dreamy Concept Photos for BTS Upcoming Album “BE”

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Big Hit Entertainment just released self-curated concept photos of Jin for BTS’ new album, “BE”, and they depict him as a true Lunar Prince.

Kim Seok Jin of BTS has skyrocketed to fame with a sparkling reputation of talent, kindness, humor, and downright handsomeness. It has also become evident that the singer has an affinity for everything ethereal.

With the launch of his teaser shots for the group’s highly-anticipated album, he continues to showcase that his taste is strongly inclined with the dreamy vibrance of pure white elegance.


BTS is on a roll with their #Curated_By_BTS escapades on social media. V, Jimin, RM, and Jungkook were the first of the members to showcase their impeccable interior design preferences. Now, the spotlight is shining on the group’s resident Worldwide Handsome.


V channeled his inner Parisian prince. Jimin looked right at home in a makeshift field of beautiful flowers. RM glowed with his minimalistic elegance, and Jungkook went all fierce and fabulous in a blue-lit room that resembled a music studio.

Now that it’s Jin’s turn to showcase his inner curator, he served up a dose of streamlined poise that epitomized his whimsical personality perfectly. His self-curated concept images depicted him in a pure white room with subtle accents of pink and blue.

The strategically placed chandelier added a slightly offbeat yet charming factor to the glass and crystal elements that adorned the living room. The gentle aesthetic of the room is quite reminiscent of his hit song “Moon”, wherein he personifies everything celestial, planetary, and stellar.

Two more members to go until we have the complete set of concept photos for “BE”. Your turn, J-Hope and Suga!

Source: Big Hit Entertainment