Juniel leads over Ailee and Lee Hi to take 1st on music chart

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Within a day of the release Bad Person, Juniel was already leading in first place on Melon, Soribada and other music charts. She confidently took the spot over powerful and popular female artists Ailee and Lee Hi.

Beside her title song to have such good results, the other songs of her album are also ranked highly among the charts. The songs she wrote ,Boy (소년) and Happy Ending (해피엔딩), are both within top 5, and Oh! Happy Day (오! 해피데이) and Cat’s Day (고양이의 하루) were able to take place within top 15. The song Boy is receiving a lot of attention due to the fact it was her first song she composed at the age of 16.

The fans are looking forward to Juniel’s comeback stage as her music video of Bad Person showed herself not only playing the guitar but also acting. Fans who have listened to Juniel’s new song says, “Juniel’s songs are all good“, “She composed a song at the age of 16….“, “I want to see the comeback stage soon!!

Juniel’s comeback stage will be held on KBS Music Bank on November 23rd.

Source: news and photo-The Star

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