K-Music Spotlight: Kang Daniel Creates “Waves” With Jamie And Simon Dominic

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Kang Daniel is here to make waves alongside Jamie and Simon Dominic in a seductive and addictive pre-release single from his upcoming comeback album, MAGENTA!

Kang Daniel has upsurged the excitement for his upcoming comeback album MAGENTA, and revealed his highly anticipated pre-release single titled “Waves”. The cool and catchy track features two awesome and familiar artists Jamie and Simon Dominic alongside the singer in the music video as well. 

On July 23, the singer took to his official SNS to announce the pre-release track where he unveiled an intriguing picture for the same that piqued fans’ curiosity. 

Additionally, “Waves” was first revealed during Kang Daniel’s one-year debut anniversary commemorative online fan meeting DAN1TYST

“Waves” First Impression

The refreshing tone of the video mirrors the track’s revivifying composition, reflecting dance hall and hip-hop genres. It also features 808 bass, drums, Latin guitars, and staccato piano sounds.  

Kang Daniel’s vocals are impeccable, particularly on how he showcases variations with low tones and breathy notes that make his voice flow. It creates beautiful texture especially during the chorus. Jamie blends her voice with Daniel’s in a harmonious way. Nevertheless, “소나기, 소나기” is catchy and almost iconic even. 

Furthermore, Jamie and Simon Dominic showcase their fierce rapping skills, giving “Waves” an extra oomph factor on top of its striking style.

The lyricism is fun and sometimes cheeky as well, as it talks about the sentiment of putting all your faith and trust in letting one’s heart follow like the waves that move in their direction.  

“Waves” is a track that makes listeners want to sing along, get up and dance to it. Especially because of its fun lyrics and heart thumping beats, it is a song that one would surely not be able to get enough of. 

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MV Afterthoughts

The vocalist has now officially released the single along with its accompanying music video. 

The vocalist looks absolutely royal in his bejeweled attires, as he stuns with his breathtaking visuals and bold style. He is sure to make DANITY swoon with his suave fashion while he commands a powerful gaze. 

Both Jamie and Simon Dominic are a sight to behold as they look spectacular in vivid outfits that bring out their flamboyant and feisty personas flawlessly. Moreover, the set serves as the perfect backdrop as it is reminiscent of scale of waves.

With such an amazing track, it only raises the anticipation for what’s to come in MAGENTA that is set to release on August 3. 

Source/Images Credit To: Konnect Entertainment

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