K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: HyunA Blooms With “Flower Shower”

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HyunA invites her listeners to “take a flower shower” through an impeccable music video, catchy instrumentals, and her signature sultry vocals.

After the release of her 2017 smash hit “Lip & Hip”, a lot has changed in HyunA’s life. The singer found a new home under Psy’s agency P-Nation Entertainment, and made even bigger efforts to connect with her fans.

Her plans to make a smashing comeback have certainly come true, as she took the internet by surprise with the announcement of her comeback.

On November 5, HyunA officially marked her return to the music industry (and her debut as an artist under P-Nation Entertainment) with her blossoming track, “Flower Shower”.

Alongside her beloved partner Dawn, the singer met with the press to formally introduce her new sound through a press showcase.

Flower Shower Comeback Timeline

P-Nation Entertainment made the initial announcement of HyunA’s comeback on October 18.

The agency announced the songstress’ long-awaited return to the music industry with her partner in a sentence that took the internet by storm: “HyunA and DAWN will be releasing new solo albums simultaneously on November 5.”

hyuna and dawn

On October 29, the internet was treated with teaser photos of HyunA’s upcoming return with “Flower Shower”.

The initial series of beautiful teaser images featured the singer surrounded by colorful blooms. In the photos, HyunA is charming as ever, blending well amongst the flowers.

Another series of enthralling concept photos features HyunA dressed in gold. In the photos, she is seen draped across gold chairs, and posing alongside what seems to be an empty party decorated with white tablecloths and teacups.

Notably, HyunA did not release a scheduler for “Flower Shower”: leaving many of her loyal fans excitedly guessing when the playful singer will tease her upcoming release next.

Concluding her teasers for “Flower Shower” is a music video teaser, which features a snippet of her upcoming single.

“Flower Shower” Impressions

The lyrics, which were penned by PSY, lives up to the title in that it uses a lot of flower imagery to convey a story.

“Flower Shower” tells the story of someone who is finding and returning to herself—which, for longtime fans, might be conveying HyunA’s own story towards her return to the music industry.

HyunA’s newest song has an upbeat and catchy instrumental, and its inspiring lyrics certainly make it hard for anyone to easily forget her newest track.

A consistent theme in the song is the importance of being independent and creating your own path to success – as HyunA herself expresses in the lyrics below.

Building up on the imagery of blooming flowers, another prominent theme in “Flower Shower” is the importance of new beginnings and starting over.

Though the lyrics themselves do not talk about failures, the lyrics still carry meaning given HyunA’s experience with moving to P-Nation Entertainment and taking her time with her comeback.

True to her branding, HyunA references the color red a few times in the song. Throughout the song, HyunA refers to the color red in relation to freshly-bloomed flowers, even referencing the rose in one line.

However, nothing is as refreshing as seeing the singer reclaim her color in the duration of her comeback song.

“Flower Shower” MV Afterthoughts

From the very beginning, the music video for “Flower Shower” captures your attention for two reasons: the visuals and HyunA herself.

The music video is filled with brightly-colored visuals, reflective of HyunA’s personality. One color is highlighted above the rest, and it is a color that has been associated with HyunA since she went solo.

Apart from the striking color scheme, another noteworthy aspect of her music video is its whimsical settings.

The “Flower Shower” music video certainly takes its viewer on a visual rollercoaster through lush floral gardens, winding hallways that are elegantly decorated, and even empty tea parties.

In the middle of it all is HyunA, who is definitely blooming amongst the flowers in her music video.

Her signature red lip is a constant throughout the video, and her glossy makeup looks in some of the shots helped accentuate her unique visual features.

A number of close-up shots also showcase how HyunA seems naturally carefree and playful in her new environment.

Now that HyunA has marked her return to the K-Pop music scene with a new sound and new management, it’s pretty safe to say we may be seeing more of her soon.

Image Source: P-Nation Entertainment

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