K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: KNK Powerfully Lands With 9th Mini Album “KNK AIRLINE”

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The KNK Airline has successfully landed on its final destination!

After one year and two months since KNK S/S COLLECTION, KNK is back with new booming tracks. Comprised of four b-side and a title track that will surely knock off one’s feet, KNK AIRLINE is set to take you on a new adventure.


KNK AIRLINE Comeback Countdown

The boy group signaled their return with a “coming soon” poster released on September 9, which revealed the details of their third mini album.


On the following day, the boys officially started the countdown to their awaited return by dropping the teaser schedule, containing the dates that fans should take note of.


Kick-starting the teaser photo reveal on September 11, the gentlemen easily stole the hearts of their fans by pulling off perfect aviation uniform fit through the ON version concept image. Striking their most confident looks, Jihun, Seoham, Dongwon, Inseong, and Heejun show eye-catching expressions through their solo snapshots.


On September 12, the group raised expectations for their new song and captured the natural charms of each members through the new batch of teaser photos, the OFF version.



After the releases of teaser photos, the group also gave their fans a glimpse into their upcoming music through the music video teaser. To cap off their countdown, they had already released an album preview containing all the tracks featured on their mini album.

KNK AIRLINE First Impressions

The title song “Ride” is a magnetic dance pop track with synth patches and powerful bass line. Filled with intense rhythm and fiery beats, the track focuses on the members’ strong vocals and heavy-duty raps.

“Highway” is a softer version of “Ride”, but with more notable instrument shifts. Its sounds lie down into the most parts but deliver electrifying beats occasionally.

“You Are My Reason” is an EDM track with traces of acoustic sounds, balanced with mellow rap lines. The sentimental track mainly highlights the sweet vocals of each members. If you are a fan of a more colorful ballad song, this will surely captivate your ears.

Starting with a catchy sound of clock chimes, “Time” brings summer vibes through its EDM sounds, combined with charismatic raps. It consists of snappy and groovy beats in the chorus part.

“Ride” Music Video Afterthoughts

In line with the album theme itself, the music video of “Ride” introduced the members walking on a red carpet in an airplane runway.

Garbed with stunning all white and all black uniforms, KNK danced in various settings from platform with blazing flames, a desert, all the way to a runway. The entire music video was an explosion of dance and confidence.

Living up to its teaser photos, “Ride” plays around with the aviation theme, and further invites everyone in a trip through their eye-catching music video.

Photos | Videos: 220 Entertainment