K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: SECHSKIES – 1st Mini Album “ALL FOR YOU”

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The first-generation idol group shows confidence in introducing the sound their long-standing fans loved and knew so well to new listeners of their music.

SECHSKIES released their very first mini album ALL FOR YOU on January 28 at 6PM KST. ALL FOR YOU showcased the group’s vocal abilities and highlighted the members’ versatility. Despite not having a fix main vocalist, Eun Jiwon, Lee Jaejin, Kim Jaeduck and Jang Suwon proved they can readily fill in for that position.


The title track “All For You” is written by minGtion, composed by FUTURE BOUNCE and Andrew Choi with arrangement from FUTURE BOUNCE as well. The song boasts of the 90’s R&B sound and express feelings for loved ones. The track indeed induced nostalgia with its simple and relaxed melody combined with heart-warming lyrics.

The album features other songs that followed the nostalgia-inducing theme and beats but managed to sound contemporary, making old and new fans of SECHSKIES appreciate their flexibility. ALL FOR YOU is another testament to the group’s ability to touch base with their musical roots and stay relevant 23 years after their debut.

All For You Comeback Timeline

It was in the latter part of 2019 when YG Entertainment stated that SECHSKIES would be making their comeback but did not gave out the exact date. It was in January 7, 2020 that the agency officially announced the group’s return with a teaser poster containing the date and time of the album’s release through their social media channels.

On January 8, members’ individual album concept posters were released followed by the concept video unveiled on January 10.

Three days later (January 13), YG revealed the main poster together with the album’s title. On the following day (January 14), they posted details about SECHSKIES 2020 concert titled ACCESS as well as the title track poster.

On January 15, the agency released the track list poster for SECHSKIES first mini album ALL FOR YOU.

The next day, they uploaded the album’s pre-order notice together with several fan signing events.

It was on January 17 that YG Entertainment revealed the poster for POP UP YELLOW CAFÉ as well as a video invite from SECHSKIES.

On January 20 the poster for the special comeback VLIVE broadcast happening on January 28 at 11PM KST, was released.

The second concept video teaser was unveiled on January 21.

On January 22, the notice for Fan Club concert tickets pre-selling and video teaser for SECHSKIES FOR YOU were released.

The agency continued to tease fans by releasing on the same day snippets from “All For You” music video.

On January 23, “All For You” music video teaser became available for fans to see.

The following day (January 24), a Prologue for SECHSKIES FOR YOU was made public. In the 5-minute video, the members gathered together for the first time in a long while. They discussed their wishes for year 2020 while having Korean rice cake soup (떡국 – Tteokguk).

Lyric posters featuring the members were unveiled on January 26.

The D-1 poster for the album’s release together with sampler came out on January 27.

VLIVE broadcast, album release, and member counters together with the D-Day Poster were all posted on January 28.

At exactly 6PM KST, SECHSKIES’ very first mini-album ALL FOR YOU and its music video hit the Korean music scene.

After the release, the making of the “All For You” music video was broadcast on VLIVE. A teaser video for SECHSKIES 2020 Concert – ACCESS was also revealed.

ALL FOR YOU Album Impressions

SECHSKIES latest release has five tracks, all of which are bops and generally follow their music template. “All For You”, the album’s title song, has definitely contains the R&B vibe of the 90’s. The tempo, the flawless vocals and the lyrics make it a perfect confession or proposal song or just a background music for a cozy romantic evening.

Other Tracks

“DREAM” has a slightly upbeat melody that talks about longing for someone. Though it is all about being with someone at a place and time away from reality (dreams), the bass beats jolt you awake. Listening to it puts you in a limbo (dream like state).

“MEANINGLESS” and “ROUND & ROUND” both follow the same pace. The lyrics of both songs are quite sad. It speaks of someone trying to move on, only to realize there is no getting past it. SECHSKIES managed to bring out and depict those frustrations as they sing each line.

“WALKING IN THE SKY” is another love letter but unlike the title track, the fifth song has a quicker pace and more lively melody.

ALL FOR YOU is a collection of songs expressing contrasting emotions. Listeners may come up with different interpretations to each songs. The tracks could be a promise, a confession or a revelation but one thing is certain, the songs revolve around SECHSKIES’ love for their fans and the glue that bonds them together – music.

“All For You” MV Afterthoughts

Apart from the sweet and heart-fluttering melody, the M/V features a lot of symbolism and references to SECHSKIES history and present state.

The music video starts with two significant dates for both SECHSKIES and fans. April 15, 1997 (97.04.15) is the original debut date of the group while April 16, 2016 (16.04.14) is their reunion. Yellow has been the constant hue in the music video. Not only it represents the group’s official color, but yellow also speaks of happiness, warmth and bright energy.

M/V Setting

The flowers in it even hold meanings that characterize the group. Sunflower is generally referred to as the “happy flower” and means adoration, loyalty and longevity.

Yellow roses signify friendship and people often give this kind of flowers to welcome someone back or to wish them good luck. The yellow peonies and daisies indicate new beginning, so appropriate considering SECHSKIES current situation.

The sky background is a direct reference to the changes that happened and will continue to happen. Meanwhile, the scene where the four of them walking on water implies that as a group, they can achieve the impossible. Together they can and will triumph over adversity. The members singing as sky lanterns float is them saying they are letting go of worries and bad things.

Individual Scenes

The individual shots are also significant representations of the members outside SECHSKIES. Suwon sitting on an actor’s chair, being photographed and primped on is the maknae’s life while on break from being a SECHSKIES member. The same thing goes with Jiwon as TV monitors surrounds him. It put a spotlight on his other persona as the variety show genius when he is not busy being the group’s leader.

Jaejin is known for his excellent art works. It is only right that his shows him doing one of the things he does best and that is painting. Jaeduck, being a homebody, is shown relaxing and tending to flowers like the soft human being that he is. They have different lives, but when it is time be SECHKIES, they can come out of their own corners and eagerly walk toward each other.

The most obvious shout out to fans are the yellow umbrellas and yellow raincoats, SECHSKIES among the crowd. It is the group’s way of saying they will stand by their fans as long as it takes.

“All For You” is a love song and a perfect gift for fans who have been waiting for so long. It must be said SECHSKIES’ comeback is definitely worth the wait.

Image and Video Source: YG Entertainment