K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: SEVENTEEN Comforts The Youth Through Optimistic 7th Mini-Album “Heng:garæ”

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SEVENTEEN is back with a healing album full of promises and affirmations in latest EP Heng:garae.

SEVENTEEN makes an energetic return through the funky, flamboyant and fans’ newest favorite “Left & Right” as the album’s title song. A special shout-out to Woozi who showcases his great talent in composing and writing all the songs of the entire album.

Comeback Countdown Timeline

SEVENTEEN shared the exciting comeback news to fans on June 8 through an interesting photo teaser posted on their official Instagram account. The teaser came in several posts which when combined, formed the entire picture of a map.

This also signaled the start of their journey with their new album Heng:garae. The album name Heng:garae is a Korean word means “tossing” someone in the air.

From June 9 to 11, the group consecutively released trailers featuring its three units: Hip Hop Unit, Performance Unit and Vocal Unit. The interview-type trailers featured every members that revealed various stories and genuine sentiments on their life journey.

On June 12, SEVENTEEN shook fans with a surprise music video release of their b-side track “My My”.

Without missing any day, the group continuously built up the excitement and revealed the awaited sets of individual teaser photos. It consisted of four versions: Hana, Dul, Set, Net.

Starting with Wonwoo, Joshua, DK and Hoshi, the four members pulled off the different faces and sentiments of youth in their photos.

On June 14, Vernon, The8, S.Coups, Dino and Woozi’s teaser photos were next in line. Radiating an ever-glowing youthful energy, the members gave their own takes in various aesthetic shots.

Afterwards, on June 15, members Mingyu, Seungkwan, Jun and Jeonghan finally took their turn for the last individual teaser photos reveal. As they flaunted their picture-perfect visuals, the members then artistically mirrored their youthful dreams in the photos.

On June 16, SEVENTEEN blessed Carats in a visual buffet through the group teaser photos. Consisting of four versions, each photos keep count of the different faces of youth they have shown.

Subsequently, SEVENTEEN unveiled the official tracklist of Heng:garae on June 17 and gave fans a preview of what the album consists of.

Once again, Woozi showcased his expertise in arranging, composing and making the lyrics of the songs in the entire album. S.Coups, Hoshi, Mingyu and Wonwoo took part in the composition and lyric-making of the tracks.

On June 18, the group released the highlight medley of Heng:garae that previewed six of its wonderful and booming tracks. The two-minute clip gave a sneak peak of the melodies of “Fearless”, the title song “Left & Right”, “I Wish”, “My My”, “Kidult” and “Together”.

Afterwards, on June 19, the group dropped the exciting music video teaser of the title song “Left & Right”. With its striking cinematography and highly-arresting sounds, fans’ anticipation with the full music video reached higher.

SEVENTEEN revealed the second music video of teaser of “Left & Right” on June 20. While it showed unique and trendy dance steps, the members also got in sync with the catchy phrase “Left & Right”.

Finally on June 21, SEVENTEEN dropped the last set of teasers which are the unit photos of Hip Hop, Performance and Vocal team.

Henggarae Album Impression

A unique compilation of SEVENTEEN’s music encouraging the youth – that is what Heng:garae is all about. Concept-wise, Heng:garae represents the group’s departure from the fear they experienced through their previous album An Ode.

The pop rock track “Fearless” marks the beginning of a new era when fear is completely gone. Carrying blaring drums and powerful vocal hooks, the song bares bravery with the powerful riff “Because I’m fearless.”

“Left & Right” is an optimistic and energetic song that cheers on youth facing various challenges and dilemmas in life. Inspired from 2000’s hip hop genre, the song renders flavorful sounds of 2020 with funky and synthesized beats.

Meanwhile, “I Wish” is an utterly saddening song with relatively sweet jazz sounds and laid-back harmony. It depicts strong emotions of wishing a piece from someone despite the unreturned feelings from that person. The sweet and rich vocals of the members create a delightful listening sensation.

The autobiographical track “My My” is a moombahton song characterized with quick drum fills and zappy piano notes. From its hopeful and inspiring lyrics, it affirms everyone that our life journey starts with ourselves.

Afterward, “Kidult” relays profound and comforting messages for people entrapped in having childish and mature feelings. Chronicling the painful growing transition of youth, the song corresponds with encouraging words “Its okay. Your world is fine.” Starting with some EDM drops, the song lingers with dramatic build-up through the members rich and refined tones.

Beaming great positivity through the enthusiastic bass line intro, “Together” speaks the same. These are just few lines from the song that simply gives everyone a happy mood – “Even if the world revolves the other way, we won’t lose our way/ And we will walk through it properly/ Let’s go together.” Particularly, this track gives similar feels from an anime soundtrack distinguished with drum sequence and high pitched singing voices.

“Left & Right” MV Afterthoughts

Life often poses us tough dilemmas – from life-changing choices to the most simple ones like whether to go left or right. For the youth who find themselves in these kind of situation, SEVENTEEN’s “Left & Right” has the perfect answers.

Representing different images of youth struggling in reaching their goals, “Left & Right” gives almost everything. By giving words of encouragement and sense of relief, the positive energy of SEVENTEEN is present throughout the music video.

When everything becomes too much for us to handle, we can toss all the worries in the air and rediscover ourselves again. Appreciating the times of uncertainties and valuing those feelings are the reassuring messages from the song for all of us.

From spray-paints, barbed-wire fences to colourful mural-size renderings of positive quotes,  SEVENTEEN flawlessly re-imagines the hip hop culture of the 2000’s. This, in return, shows their unique colors and style that became a fulfilling treat for fans and listeners.

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