K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Super Junior – Repackage 9th Album “TIMELESS”

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Super Junior showed off their everlasting charms in latest album – TIMELESS

Super Junior makes a viral return with their latest release. On January 28 at 6 p.m. KST, the group dropped their repackage album TIMELESS featuring the title track “2YA2YAO!”.

“2YA2YAO!” is a hip-hop track produced by Zico who has already proved his prominence as a song-writer and composer.

Timeless is the third and final entry of the group’s TIME trilogy series. The group had earlier released Time_Slip their ninth regular album in October and special edition album TIMELINE in November last year.

The album consists of four new songs and Super Junior showcase their wide and diverse vocal abilities through this comeback. Within hours of its release, the album topped iTunes chart in various countries.

Timeless Comeback Timeline

On January 5, SJ Label teased the fans that an exciting collaboration is set to unfold. A video was released which begins with the question “Who’s that? and then a mysterious figure with a blurred face is shown. The mysterious producer then talks about how he has written the songs and is then seen interacting with the Super Junior members.

It was announced on January 7 that the repackage album is titled TIMELESS; and will be dropped on January 28. It was also mentioned that TIMELESS will mark the completion of their TIME series.

After revealing that Super Junior is working with Zico for their song “2YA2YAO!” SJ Label released a recording sketch video on January 9. The video captures some behind the scene moments that took place while recording the song between Zico and the Super Junior members.

SJ Label posted the the storytelling cards related to the album on January 10. While some cards are in monochrome the others are in color.

On January 13, Super Junior released the teaser photos for their comeback.

The individual teaser photos for the Shadow version of the album was dropped on January 14.

The Bright version of the individual teasers were posted on January 15.

More photos for the Shadow version was posted on January 16.

Newer photos for the album’s Bright version were released on January 17.

On January 17, the album details for both the versions were disclosed which uncover the contents of the physical album.

Super Junior Timeless

The album track list was dropped on January 20. It was revealed that along with the previously released songs, the album consists of four new songs namely “2YA2YAO!”, “Ticky Tocky”, “Shadow”, and “Rock Your Body”.

A video of Super Junior member Donghae was posted where he explains the track “Rock Your Body”.

“Rock Your Body” is co-composed by Donghae and features four of the members; Donghae, Yesung, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook.

Super Junior Timeless

Highlight medley for the tracks “Ticky Tocky” and “Shadow” were revealed on January 21.

On January 22, the first MV teaser clip which features three members Yesung, Heechul and Siwon was released.

On January 23, the second MV teaser clip was released which released another three members Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae.

On January 24, a third MV teaser clip that features Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, and Ryeowook was released.

The official MV teaser for “2YA2YAO!” was released on January 26.

Super Junior posted their “2YA2YAO!” dance collaboration preview on January 27 at 10 p.m. KST. The preview features various dancers from Thailand, Mexico, France, and Hong Kong doing the dance cover and adding their own styles to the mix.

TIMELESS Album Impression

The album, TIMELESS consists of a total of 14 tracks, out of which four are new tracks. The title song “2YA2YAO!”, composed and written by Zico is a hip-hop genre song. This song is something very different from the group’s previous works and explores a different style.

“Ticky Tocky” is another hip-hop song from the album and highlights the group’s impressive vocals. The highly energetic dance track has a catchy tune and captures the feelings of urgency to escape from a nightmare.

“Rock Your Body” is composed by Donghae and along with him are Yesung, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook. A hyped and a powerful song, “Rock Your Body” is a manifestation of Donghae’s talents as a producer.

“Shadow” is medium tempo song with a funky rhythmic loop and groovy electric sounds. The song expresses the feelings of nervousness and fear of being left alone and attacked by the shadows that keep lurking.

“2YA2YAO!” MV Afterthoughts

With “2YA2YAO!” Super Junior has divulged into an area that they have never tried. However, it is a good change and well-executed. The song is fun to listen to with a hard-hitting chorus that gets stuck on the head. The vocals of all the members were distinctly highlighted along with good use of synth accents.

The MV is bright and colorful with red and blue backgrounds being predominantly present throughout the video.

Additionally, the fashion, set design and the aesthetics perfectly melted with the vibe of the song. The choreography includes some sharp dance moves and is quite pleasing to watch.

Source: Super Junior’s Official Twitter Page

Image and Video Credits: SJ Label