K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Taeyeon Shows Her Absolute Perfection In 4th Mini Album “What Do I Call You”

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Taeyeon showcases her majestic and heartwarming voice in new songs that justify her title as a trusted vocalist!

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Granting fans with the loveliest early Christmas gift, Taeyeon had released her fourth mini-album What Do I Call You, with songs that she actively participated in. The Girls’ Generation main vocalist showcases her unique voice and exemplary singing skills that definitely captivated listeners’ hearts.

Taeyeon What Do I Call You Concept Photo

What Do I Call You Comeback Countdown

Fans’ anticipation rose to the highest as the comeback countdown started off with a gorgeous black and white photo, announcing Taeyeon’s return.

The teasing was then followed by a schedule poster that listed the important dates to wait for.

Days after, a set of chic teaser photos were released and there’s definitely no denying how stunning she is and always has been.

Taeyeon What Do I Call You Teaser Photo

Taeyeon’s doll-like visuals were astounding that even the tiniest detail of her face looks incredibly attractive. Her sophisticated and fancy facial expressions also added excitement as to what kind of music awaits the fans.

Different from the first two sets of teaser photos, Taeyeon looks infinitely young with her charming wavy hair. Her fun side was visibly showcased as she wears a comfortable colorful striped sweater and jeans.

Taeyeon what do i call you 4th mini album

At midnight of December 11, a new set of photos were released revealing Taeyeon’s lady-like charms. She was seen laying on the carpet in some photos yet still effortlessly looking stunning as ever.

Taeyeon’s charismatic aura was visible on the teaser photos released on December 12. The look on her eyes obviously tells “I AM QUEEN TAEYEON,” and that’s what we call her every day!

The next set of teaser photos shows her comfortably sitting on a couch, and again, being straightforwardly gorgeous and divine!

Taeyeon teaser photos

Beautiful is an understatement on how we can describe Taeyeon in these photos, showing off her maturity as a woman. The accessories also added depth to her already striking appearance.

Taeyeon What Do I Call You teaser photo

Fun and exciting highlight clips

Released along with the teaser photos were four highlight clips. Each clip represented the different concepts and feels, giving off a clear idea of what to expect for each track in the album.

A mysterious yet amusing music video teaser

Taeyeon’s “What Do I Call You” music video teaser contained sensuous beauty and colorful visuals, raising intense expectations for the song. The trustworthy singer hinted with a melodic sound, accompanied by her soulful voice at the end.

What Do I Call You First Impressions

“What Do I Call You”is the title track for this album, and is described as an R&B pop song that features minimal and rhythmical melodies accompanied by Taeyeon’s calm and effortless vocals. Surely, the song will captivate listeners’ hearts, especially with its relatable lyrics as it is about the lingering emotions a person has after a breakup.

Next on the album is the emotional song, entitled “Playlist”. It is a lovely song with acoustic guitar, piano and retro organ sound combined with the ever soft and soothing voice of Taeyeon. The lyrics include a playlist containing one’s memories and affection towards a loved one.

The fourth mini album’s third track was “To The Moon”. It showcased Taeyeon’s versatility as an artist as she actively participated in the writing and composition of the song. Furthermore, “To The Moon” features Taeyeon’s chic singing along with the soft yet concise beat. Particularly, the song forwards Taeyeon’s desire to shake off all emotions and just freely leave for the moon when her emotions subside to the very bottom. The song is also perfect to listen to whenever you feel down as it will absolutely hype your energy up!

The next track “Wildfire” gives off Taeyeon’s bright and lively energy. The lyrics of the song feature the poetic comparison of a cheerful guitar synth to a flame wildly spreading in an open field just like how love is also spread from one person to another.

“Galaxy” is a minimal R&B ballad that presents a deep and affectionate emotion. The song combines the impressive soft sound of a calm guitar and warm piano melody, adding more sensibility and sentiment.  The lyrics depict a miraculous moment that by the time everything changes when you finally meet the one. Like how the universe began with a single ray of light in the middle of pitch darkness.

Lastly, “Happy” was a pre-released single that Taeyeon revealed in May. The song is a modern reinterpretation of an old school doo-wop and R&B music. The song’s lyrics conveyed how we feel happy as long as we’re with the people we love. Along with her comforting voice, the song offers a warm pat on the back with the wish that everyone will feel happy.

“What Do I Call You” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “What Do I Call You” brings out countless sensuous scenes and memories of a person’s feelings after a breakup. As Taeyeon sings calmly about an ex-lover still hovering around whenever she looks, the music video indeed caught the eyes of audiences.

Filled with vintage and girlish scenes, Taeyeon’s various outfits were phenomenal. The panda mask wore by the ex-boyfriend also aroused much curiosity, making fans come up with theories regarding the poetic explanation for each prop and detail in the splendid music video.

Source: SM Entertainment

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