K-Pop Idols Who Graduated Today: Bae Jin Young, ASTRO’s Sanha, TWICE’s Tzuyu And Chaeyoung, And More

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Several K-Pop idols had walked their graduation march today!

February 12 is a good day for a lot of our young idols as they graduate from high school and receive their diplomas on this day!

Photos from Osen, TV Report, Ilgan Sports, Xsportsnews, and Newsen

TWICE is out for a double celebration today as both Tzuyu and Chaeyoung successfully walk off with their diplomas. Fellow female idols Nancy from MOMOLAND, Anne from GWSN, and Miso from DreamNote also passed the same milestone today.

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Not only did former Wanna One member Bae Jin Young graduate, but he also received a special award giving credit for his contribution during his graduation from Lila Arts High School.

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His schoolmate Lua, or Kim Soo Kyung in real life, from Weki Meki had also received the same recognition. Meanwhile, other girl group favorites Lee Chaeyoung of fromis_9 and IZ*ONE’s Kim Chaewon marched for their graduation today.

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TRCNG also gets double graduates as Jisung and Hyunwoo receive their diplomas. The same goes for The Boyz, whose members Sunwoo and Hwall had made them extremely proud as they passed high school with flying colors.

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Golden Child’s Bomin also gave another good news other than his graduation by revealing that his group is currently working on a new album. He expressed how he wishes to meet with fans soon, especially after they had wrapped up their promotions in Japan.

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Newkidd’s Jin Kwon also received overflowing support from his groupmates who attended his high school graduation.

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ASTRO’s maknae Yoon Sanha also made his older members extremely proud – and they weren’t afraid to show it! The group made everyone coo as Rocky, Moon Bin, and JinJin all showed up to express their happiness very sweetly for the group’s baby.

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K-Pop Idols Graduation 2019

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Congratulations to all of today’s K-Pop idol graduates!

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