Kang Daniel Drops A Striking Comeback Teaser For “YELLOW”

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Kang Daniel stuns with his lethal style in a riveting teaser as he prepares to deliver a sweet ‘antidote’ in his upcoming comeback album!

Kang Daniel is gearing up to captivate with his melodious melodies and capture hearts with his forthcoming release indeed. The soloist unveiled a teaser for his mini-album YELLOW and it is enrapturing to say the least.

The teaser certainly evokes an air of mystique thanks to its enigmatic stills. A wistful looking Daniel amplifies curiosity as he looks weary amidst thought-provoking frames.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing things about the teaser is the unmistakable similarities of the shots with the stills in the music video of the artist’s recent hit “PARANOIA”.

Kang Daniel

All from the overall imagery, the versatile vocalist indicates this clip of being an aftermath of the paranoia he experienced. Moreover, Kang Daniel charms in an ensemble that is similar to, if not the same as the one he wore in the latter’s music video.

However, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the soloist is certainly multifaceted in more ways than one. Unequivocally, this interesting teaser is only testament to that.

Kang Daniel

In the music video for “PARANOIA”, viewers can see instances such as Kang Daniel staying up in fear, drinking whisky, and drowning in deep waters. Through the clip, he awes as he channels a somewhat diabolic side of himself.

In contrast, however, this teaser sees the artist sleeping peacefully, drinking water, and submerged in shallow waters. In this snippet, he looks at himself in the mirror as though seeing his real self.

Kang Daniel

Through only twenty two seconds, Kang Daniel proves that he is a visionary artist. He is without a doubt, piquing anticipations for what’s to come!

Additionally, the alluring artist is getting ready to sway listeners with his harmonious tunes. His upcoming mini-album’s lead track too, will be spotlighting his unique musical genius. Written by Kang Daniel himself, “Antidote” will feature an alternative R&B rhythm with elements of rock.

kang daniel

Expectations are unquestionably on the rise as to what other musical styles the young soloist will reveal through the album.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will be sequentially unveiling some exciting contents leading up to his album’s release. His 3rd mini-album YELLOW will unveil across multiple music platforms on April 13, 6 PM KST.

Images and Video Credits To: Konnect Entertainment