Kang Daniel Reveals An Eclectic Playlist For “MAGENTA”

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DANITY get ready to add Kang Daniel’s catchy new tunes into your playlists!

Kang Daniel released a cleverly designed highlight medley for his highly anticipated 2nd mini album, MAGENTA. Showcased in a playlist format, the singer gives fans a taste of each of the tracks.


Through this album, Kang Daniel wants to express his journey of finding the color of his own path. What started with a cool and relaxed CYAN is now bright with passion on MAGENTA. From the intensity of the gleams of the sun to its surrounding warm light, the beginning and end of this summer are all contained in the mini album.

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The album contains six songs in total. The title track “깨워 (Who U Are)” caters to a person’s hidden emotions that the bold lyrics convey. The composition of the 808 bass drum, Latin guitar, flute, synthesizer and vocal effects create a addictive melody that captures the essence of summer perfectly.

MAGENTA’s first track, “Flash,” begins of a refreshing note with its bright melody on which Kang Daniel talks about the beginning of summer. In his soft voice the singer asserts his strong will to believe in his own path and and reach for the light.


“Waves” is a fresh track that talks about trusting oneself. The track features amazing artists such as Simon Dominic and Jamie alongside Kang Daniel. The lyrics are express the sentiment of putting all your faith and trust in your thoughts that come crashing into you like waves. The melody is reflective of dance halls and hip-hop. It also features 808 bass, drums that pour like waterfalls, Latin guitars, and staccato sounds from pianos.

“Runaway,” is a fast paced electro pop track featuring artist YUMDDA. The vocals of both, YUMDDA and Daniel harmonize flawlessly which only builds anticipation for whats to come. Rapper DVWN features with the vocalist on the track, “Movie,” which is an emotional track that gives off major R&B meets hip-hop vibes.

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The talented soloist ends the album on a dreamy note with his track, “밤”. The singer ensures that his vocals are what shine under the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s comeback mini-album MAGENTA will be releasing through various music sites on August 3 at 6 PM KST. His pre-release track, “Waves” will be releasing on July 27.

Source: Herald Pop

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