Kang Daniel Sweetly Assaults In Teasers For First Full Album “The Story”

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After releasing “Ready to Ride” on May 4th, Kang Daniel mounts his music return with his first regular album. 

“Every story inspires a generation.” That’s the quote that seems to be the basis of Kang Daniel’s first full album, The Story. Just days after the release of the latest single, hints of his upcoming project have been posted on social media. 

He has since released the album’s concept photos from May 9th to 11th serving mesmerizing looks from left to right. The first batch of the “Arch-Plot” version had him posing in a suit, reading a book nonchalantly.

Subsequently, in another picture, he’s looking out of the window as if in deep thought. Donning the same formal wear, he is seen posing for the camera, illuminated by pillars of light.

Then, in the final installment of the first version, he shrugged off his suit jacket for more relaxation to read his books with ease.

Thereafter, the second set of concept photos seems to portray him in a different light. With a mysterious atmosphere, he lays against a mauve backdrop for the “Anti-Plot” version of his pictures.

In another set, he’s wearing a full leather outfit with his eyes conveying that there’s something to discover underneath the surface of his stone-faced facade.

Showing a little bit of skin, his arms are free for his fans to look at when he wears a sleeveless turtleneck as if some sort of a villain for this concept.

For the final version, the artist is bathed in a soft and relaxing atmosphere, lounging around in bed. The “Non-Plot” version depicts the star in the kitchen enjoying a laid-back day.

In another set of this version, he is eating a slice of bread with a cheeky expression on his face, downing that bite with a cup of coffee. 

Tracklist x Website x Album Sampler

On May 12, he released his tracklist which contains 10 songs he took part in writing and producing. Some tracks feature notable artists like Jessi, Dbo, sokodomo, and Chancellor.

Kang Daniel also released a fun website in part of his promotion for the album. Fans can enjoy and interact with the graphics at https://www.thestory-upsidedown.com to see more of what they can expect from the album.

For a glimpse of what the album has to offer, fans can listen to the highlight medley to hear a sample of each song. It can be found on Kang Daniel’s official social media channels, especially on his YouTube channel.

Accordingly, with the concept photos released as well as his tracklist and highlight medley, that only leaves his music video teasers and the album itself.

The first MV teaser will be posted on May 20th, with the second one following on May 23.

Finally, Kang Daniel’s first full album will be available to the public on May 24th.

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Source: Konnect Entertainment