Kang Daniel Tops Idol Chart Rankings For 84th Consecutive Week

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Still going strong with his popularity, Kang Daniel yet again ranks first in the latest Idol Chart rankings

There is no halt in the rising popularity of South Korean soloist Kang Daniel as he remains invincible on Idol Chart for 84 weeks on a row. In the Idol Chart rankings for the 3rd week of October compiled on October 31, the singer received an overwhelming number of 93637 votes.

Kang Daniel fans, DANITY, are very dedicated and supportive of their idol. They donated 9,612,100 KRW and 128 blood donations to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation under Kang Daniel’s name on November 1 to celebrate the 100th day of his solo debut.

Following Daniel, the idols in the top ten rankings are Jimin (BTS; 55,150 votes), V (BTS; 47,493), Jung Kook (BTS; 25,273), Jin (BTS; 14,377), Lai Guan Lin (10,605), Ha Sung Woon (10,310), Song Ga In (8,673), Park Woo Jin (AB61X; 8,311), and Hwang Min Hyun (NU’EST; 4,772).

In terms of likes too, Kang Daniel leads the category with 12, 179 likes. Trailing him are  Jimin (6425), V (5959), Jung Kook (2503), Song Ga In (2221), Jin (1912), Ha Sung Woon (1413), Lai Guan Lin (1195), Park Woo Jin (974) ) and Suga (746).

Kang Daniel has had an eventful year with him, establishing his own entertainment company and debuting as a solo artist. He recently held a fan meeting in Manila, titled Kang Daniel Fan Meeting: Color on Me in Manila 2019.

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Source: Star News

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