Kang Daniel Unveils A Prepossessing Trailer For “Paranoia”

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Kang Daniel amplifies excitement as he reveals a fierce new trailer for his much-awaited comeback!

If his previous two releases were playful, this time, Kang Daniel is all set to unleash his passionate side in this upcoming release. The singer took to his official SNS and revealed a marvellous comeback trailer for his newest single “Paranoia”.

The soloist unfolded a sizzling new trailer that emphasized his ravishing charms through its twenty-five seconds. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the “Waves” crooner left viewers awestruck with his magnetic visuals and edgy style.  

With looks that can only be described as ‘devilishly handsome’, the vocalist breathes life into the impassioned concept of “Paranoia” through his vehement demeanour. Kang Daniel reveals some bold looks, dressed in intense, all-black ensembles. The supercool singer further showcases his lethal charms in statement leather pieces as well.

Kang Daniel

Moreover, he dazzles as he accessorizes these looks with some eye-catching lip-rings and smoky makeup. Daniel unquestionably looks like the ultimate stunner through and through. 

Besides spellbinding fans with his striking style, the soloist traverses between glitchy stills in the video while looking disconcerted. The heart-thumping electro beat paired with the menacing whistle sound from the comeback teaser magnifies the overall intensity of the trailer. 

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel truly raises fans’ anticipations to an all-time high with this clip. It is intriguing to see a more perfervid style in contrast to the rather fun-loving side that the singer has showcased thus far. However, the artist is sure to drop a bop as he has reiterated his musical genius through his stellar discography.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will be revealing his much-awaited comeback single “Paranoia” on multiple music sources on February 16, 6 PM KST. 

Image Source: Konnect Entertainment