Kang Daniel Brightly Shows Various Colors In “What Are You Up To?” Solo Debut Music Video

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There really is nothing else to ask for when it comes to “Mr. Complete Package” Kang Daniel.

A rich showcase of his dancing, musical, visual, and vocal colors is what Kang Daniel gifted to fans on July 25 at 6 PM KST with his solo debut music video!

The nation’s center leaves no questions for his immeasurable round of talents as he shows off just what makes him a “total package” in terms of being an idol for his solo debut!

Dressed in various coloured crisp suits (white was our favourite!), the idol took the spotlight with a music video dominated by a bright aesthetic which reflects the journey ahead of him as a soloist.

Taking on a playful and cheery vibe both in terms of the video’s visuals and the song itself, “What Are You Up To?” undoubtedly brims with the Kang Daniel spirit that fans all love.

The idol also showed off the powerful choreography for the song in the video. Though it shows his amazing dance skills, the best part about it was that it contains an addictive dance fans can also follow and groove along to.

He also displayed his round of abilities as he took up both the rap and vocal positions for the song – proving his capability of doing well on his own.

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Fans are also in for a nostalgic treat as Daniel puts a bit of every significant thing that has happened in his life. Among this is his ode to Produce 101, whose famous triangle logo made its showing in the video.

Additionally, the idol took a nice play on this part of his music video as his face fits perfectly on the center of the triangle – showing that he has indeed claimed that spot as his.

Several points in Wanna One’s music videos like a door opening and closing from “Beautiful” and the camera lens effect from “Boomerang” also parallel with some scenes in the music video.

With its refreshing rhythm, “What Are You Up To?” proves to be a great starter to the former Wanna One member’s new career path and leaves fans looking forward to more of what he has in store.

Watch the music video for Kang Daniel’s “What Are You Up To?” below:

Source: YouTube

Screengrabs from KONNECT Entertainment


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