KARA’s track list and jacket covers for Japanese album ‘Girls Forever’ released

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KARA will be coming back to Japan as the girls get ready to release their latest Japanese album, Girls Forever, on the 14th of November. The album will consist of 10 tracks, and will contain some of their previous Japanese songs. Recently KARA revealed the different jacket covers for the upcoming album. Check them out below:

There are three different editions for the album; one with just the CD, one with a complimentary DVD and the last edition comes with a 28 page photobook. Check out the track list below:

1. エレクトリックボーイ (Electric Boy)
2. スピードアップ (Speed Up)
3. ガールズ パワー (Girl’s Power)
4. ギミー・ギミー (Gimme Gimme)
5. シェイク イット アップ (Shake It Up)
6. イノセントガール (Innocent Girl)
7. Oops!
8. キス ミー トゥナイト (Kiss Me Tonight)
9. ロックオン (Lock On)
10. オリオン (Orion)

Bonus Tracks
11. Jet Coaster Love 2012
12. GO GO Summer! 2012
13. Winter Magic 2012
14. Jumping (Remastered)
15. Mister (Remastered)

1. Electric Boy Music Video Clip (Close-Up Ver.)
2. Speed U) Music Video Clip (Another Ver.)
3. Girl’s Power Music Video Clip (Close-Up Ver.)
4. CM Collection
5. 『1ST JAPAN TOUR 2012 KARASIA』 VTR映像メイキング
6. Making of Girls Forever photoshoot

Sources: (News and Photos) – Koreaboo


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