KARD Aims For This Year’s Rookie Award After The Debut In South Korea

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Are you rooting for KARD?

Prior to the official debut in South Korea, South Korean group KARD has already created buzz as well as gained huge following especially from international fans.

“I couldn’t believe how much we were loved by fans around the globe even before our official debut,” Somin said. She promised that the group will work harder and do their best not to disappoint their fans.


KARD during its debut showcase. (Photo from Yonhap)

The co-ed group, which consists of Somin, Jiwoo, B.M and J.seph, released three singles before its official debut. In December 2016, the quartet came out with their first project single “Oh Na Na”, which featured former KARA member Heo Young Ji.

“Oh Na Na” was followed by “Don’t Recall” in February 2017. A “hidden version” of “Don’t Recall” in English was revealed in March.

KARD’s first two pre-released tracks both placed fifth on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. Its third pre-debut track “Rumor”, which came out in April, landed on the third spot of the said chart.


KARD during its debut showcase. (Photo from Yonhap)

After three pre-released songs, the first co-ed group in South Korea after several years is ready to win the hearts of the people in their home country. During a press showcase in Seoul on July 19, KARD shared its hope to be a singular K-Pop act with its unique musical color and concept. The members performed their debut single “Hola Hola” at the event.

“Hola Hola” is the title track of its debut album Hola Hola, which contains ten tracks in physical album and six in digital format. “We wanted to say hi to fans in Korea through our song, and that’s why we named the track ‘Hola Hola’,” said J.seph.

With the official debut in South Korea, J.seph revealed that it is the group’s goal to secure a rookie award this year.

KARD also expressed its confidence in injecting fresh energy into the K-Pop scene, providing fans with the unique hybrid of a boy band and a girl group.

Watch KARD in their debut showcase stage below:

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