KARD Drops Video Teaser For Summer Comeback “Coming Up”

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Get ready for summer as KARD drops the new summer anthem on July 25!

DSP Media’s dynamic coed group KARD will once again wow their fans on their summer comeback. Teasing Hidden KARDs with a bright blue sky and a background of the sea, a colorful flag waving with the wind gives off an iconic summer energy as it is accompanied by a fresh, catchy beat in the background. Check it out below!

In the meantime, the group is busy with the continuation of their world tour. Fans will catch J.Seph, B.M., Somin and Jiwoo on the Korean leg of their world tour, Wild Kard in Seoul, on August 19, 2018 at the YES24 LIVEHALL.

On September, they would be picking up the tour in Latin America as they go to Mexico City on September 8, Bogota on September 11, Santiago on September 13 and Buenos Aires on September 15.

Their fun doesn’t stop there as they fly to Brazil with shows in Rio De Janiero on September 21 and Sao Paulo on September 30 with fansigns in between as they visit their fans in Porto Alegre on September 23, Curitiba on September 25 and Belo Horizonte on September 27.

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KARD officially debuted on July 19, 2017 with their first EP, Hola Hola. On November 21, 2017, they released their second EP, You & Me with the song “You In Me” serving as the title track.

KARD will be coming back with their summer album, Coming Up, on July 25. Keep updated with their social media as they regularly post updates on Twitter.

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