Kep1er Wraps Up Performances at Japan’s ‘GMO SONIC 2023’ & ‘Super Sonic Osaka 2023’ Festivals

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Proving their hot popularity, Kep1er performed at not one but two of Japan’s large-scale music festivals!

On the 29 and 31 of January, the K-Pop rookie girl group, Kep1er held performances at the GMO SONIC 2023 and Super Sonic Osaka 2023 festivals at the Saitama Super Arena and Kyocera Dome Osaka, respectively.

Kep1er opened the show with their song “See The Light,” a track which was made popular thanks to its warm responses during the group’s participation in MNet’s survival program, Queendom 2. Following the opener, the group performed one song after another, including fan favorites “MVSK” and “We Fresh,” making the local audience no wild.

Taking a much-deserved break, the members, Yujin Choi, Shaoting, Mashiro, Chaehyun Kim, Dayeon Kim, Hikaru, Hueningbahier, Seo Youngeun, and Kang Yeseo, delivered their Ments, expressing their feelings about participating in the group’s first festivals in Japan saying, “I am happy to stand on the same stage as great artists from all over the world.”

In addition, Kep1er added heat to the stage by performing a mix of songs off their Japanese debut album, including “Wing Wing,” “Daisy,” and “WA DA DA.” In particular, before performing “WA DA DA,” the members drew attention with their charismatic and commanding stage presence, such as following the point choreography with the audience and inducing a response.

Kep1er concluded the performance by saying, “All the members seem to have had a good time. Please look forward to our second single in Japan, which will be released in March.”

Kep1er will release its second Japanese single, Fly-By, on March 15, roughly six months after their Japanese debut album, Fly-Up, was released. The upcoming album will be comprised of five songs, including the title track “I do!” new b-sides tracks “tOgether fOrever,” “Do You?” as well as Japanese versions of the previous albums’ b-sides “MVSK” and “We Fresh.”

Congratulations to the lovely ladies of Kep1er on this fantastic accomplishment!

Source: JTBC News

Image Credits: GMO SONIC, Kep1ler